Alt Left: African Blacks Act Dramatically Worse Than American Blacks

Polar Bear: Read an article on a Sub-Saharan African gang raping dogs.

Nothing really surprises me when it comes to depravity in Black Africa. But I would like to point out something. Even the worst of our US Blacks have some standards. Sure the low class ghetto type group acts awful, but do the men form street gangs that go around raping stray dogs? I mean even our ghetto thugs have certain things that are completely beneath them.

A lot of Whites think that a certain large group of Blacks act pretty bad, and in fact they do.

But I would like to tell you something. I have met Sub-Saharan African Blacks from Africa. Most were from Nigeria. I had a Yahoo group for people who were scammed by Nigerian scammers.

At one point a lot of Nigerians came into the group. They claimed to be “helping us to fight the scammers.” Well, they almost all tried to scam us themselves. And these were the good ones!

The men’s behavior was horrific. We had cam sessions and most of the group was women. So it would be just me and maybe one other man and a room full of women. Yet the Africans were constantly PMing the women on cam, and when the women would go look at their cams, the Africans would all be jerking off. Some of the women got freaked out by this.

And as I said, most of them tried to steal from us at some point or another. It was always “I had a catastrophe. Can you help me?” Or “I need to start a business. Can you help me?” They always had their hands out.

And most of the men were what we called “marriage scammers.” They were trying to marry a White woman to get out of Nigeria. However, these marriages almost never work out. The men are habitual cheaters and they treat women terribly. The women don’t take kindly to being held prisoner.

The men refuse to work and just live off the women. They stay home all day and chase women on dating sites or try to scam people out of money. The marriages are disastrous and never last.

Anyway, my point is we had some US Blacks in the group. First of all, most of them were not part of “that group” of Blacks that causes all the problems. They were just regular decent Black folk that no one ever talks about. We did have one guy who was part of “that group.” His behavior was very bizarre and he was quite shady. We finally figured out that he was a psychopath, and we threw him out. But he was the only one. ~95% of the US Blacks in our group were ok.

Almost none of these Africans were ok. Maybe 5%. And the ones that did act good spent all their time defending the ones that acted bad.

Eventually we had to throw all the Africans out. and we had to institute a totally racist “No African Blacks” rule in the group. A bunch of people called us racists and took off to form a new group with a bunch of the Africans. Thing is we had to be racist in this case. There was simply no alternative but racism. Anything less was not going to work.

But I had a shocking realization. The behavior of these Africans was just awful. They were a bunch of uncivilized animals. And compared to them, the US Blacks looked positively angelic. Granted this is the group that acts fine and no one talks about. But they were very easy to find, and it was very hard to find one African who acted decent. There may be tens of millions of Black people just like that here in the US.

I almost wanted to shout for joy and praise God for leaving us with these wonderful African-Americans! It could have been so much worse. He could have left us with these awful Africans!

And another thing dawned on me. US Blacks are not far removed genetically from Africans. So why is their behavior so dramatically better? Look, it’s got to be culture. These US Blacks have been living here with us for hundreds of years.

Although they will probably never admit it, hundreds of years of exposure to White Christian culture has probably had a dramatic effect on US Blacks. They probably acted about like these Africans when they showed up. But they’ve gotten dramatically more civilized over the centuries to where 20 million of them don’t act a whole lot different from us.

And this was even with White people acting pretty damn bad towards Blacks. We enslaved them for hundreds of years, and then there was a century of Jim Crow. Even for a couple of decades after that, things were not real great. Yet somehow or other, even when we acted awful, our culture must have worn off on them.Even when we treated them terribly, their behavior got a lot better. How much better would they have acted if we had treated them well?

I’ve been saying here forever now that White people have a good effect on Blacks. Throw a few ghetto Blacks into a White town and watch them shape up dramatically. Whites serve as good cultural role models for Blacks, even the worst ones. I think it’s good for Black people to like Whites. Blacks who like White people seem to do a lot better than those who are hostile towards us. As awful as we’ve been towards US Blacks, it was probably still better than staying in Africa.

I think we ought to give US Blacks a bit of a break. You don’t realize how great they act until you meet Africans. Their behavior and culture has improved dramatically over centuries in the US. Let’s give them some credit. A metaphorical pat on the back and a cheer of encouragement, if you will.

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25 thoughts on “Alt Left: African Blacks Act Dramatically Worse Than American Blacks”

  1. My fav. blacks were oppressed on some level. Blacks were seen as angelic far more when they had less freedom. My theory is every race can benefit from grounding or humbling. Looking at black run countries like Haiti, I think they need it the most.

    1. I don’t know that there’s ever been a time in America when Black people were seen as angelic. The way people treated you or perceived you might have varied somewhat depending on where you were, but nowhere – at least in the USA – did people see us as an angelic race of people.

      1. It’s not exactly angelic behavior but I do have an anecdote. I went to Niggermania a while back (Sorry!) to try to figure why exactly non-Blacks hate Black people so much. That’s a good excuse, right LOL? No one better to ask than a bunch of racists themselves, right? I mean go straight to the source. They’re obviously going to tell you why they dislike these people, and they won’t pull any punches.

        One thing was interesting though. One man lived in Mississippi. The other commenters were saying, “Wow, must be awful living down there with all of those niggers! I feel sorry for you.” But what the guy said really surprised me.

        He said, “You know what? A lot of the Blacks down here act really good. Especially the older ones who lived through Jim Crow at least in part. You go into a hotel here and the Blacks in there, especially the older men, are the nicest, kindest, most polite people you will ever meet.” He attributed this to the fear that had been put into them to act good during Jim Crow, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

        There is that Southern culture of extreme hospitality and politeness. We know the Whites can be this way, but it looks like the Southern Blacks can act like this too.

        You lived in that state, Alpha, so maybe you can enlighten us.

        1. There’s definitely more to Southern Black politeness than Jim-Crow-instilled fear LOL. The South, for all its faults, does have a culture of hospitality and politeness. And it’s also what some people call an “honor culture.” I remember my mom telling me when I was a child, “The way you behave is a reflection on me.” We were not to engage in behavior that would bring dishonor to our parents and grandparents.

          1. That’s a really awesome Black culture, if I do say so myself. I’ve been trying to point out in recent pieces that there is no one Black culture in the US. There are probably quite a few of them. And many of these cultures are quite healthy.

            Others are not, but this idea that there is this one thing called “Black culture” that is sick and dysfunctional is false. I credit you with the idea that there is more than one Black culture. You didn’t come right out and say it, but I intuited it from what you were saying.

            There is not one White culture in the US either, by the way.

          2. Some Southern folks idealize the slave days, especially if their ancestors lived that life. I’ve met a few in the North. I believe the perfect slave was idealized as many idealize their Mammy today.

            Southern Whites and Blacks have a bond which I believe is positive. American Black culture has Southern roots. Blacks sniffle and sneeze more than anyone in the Northern winters; they are clearly adapted to warmer climates.

      2. Great emphasis was on blacks being childlike. Children can be angelic. Guardian Mammy watching over angelic children with tender love. Maybe even older churchgoing blacks compared to devilish youfs of today.

    2. When will these rednecks get humbled? I mean, weed-inspired Facebook memes 24/7 – some of the most obnoxious shit imaginable. I mean, SHUT THE HELL UP.

      And can Blacks say the same? Not under Jim Crow. They couldn’t even fart or sneeze.

      1. Most blue collar Whites are humble. You care more about black farts than working White people. You are only against bullying and racism when it suits you.

        1. From certain whites more moralizing preachy crap (many but maybe not most) – no different than other types of identity politics (black, gay etc..)

          Well, most whites could be apolitical maybe.

          1. Some Whites will even apologize or compliment the race of their childrens killer soon after their childs death. This is insane, no other race does this.

          2. Yeah Reginald Denny made a big deal about how he wasn’t angry at his attackers at all. The guy apparently has permanent brain damage from that attack. The parents of Amy Biehl are exactly the same way. No hatred, anger, or revenge towards the killers.

            The main problem with White people is that we are way too nice. But that’s also one of the great things about Whites. And it’s why I love being White and I love my people so much. We are some of the most kindhearted and even progressive people on Earth. We invented the progressive movement. What’s bizarre is that the movement that we invented has now decided that the people who invented their very movement are pure evil.

          3. In response to @Polar Bear

            I was in South Korea. Army guys ran over some Korean girls (as in middle-school age), and sure enough, they made innocent Whites (not just in the Army – I was a civilian ESL teacher) take the blame. It really hurts to be objectified like this, and other races are the worst for this.

  2. There’s something about North America which helps human beings improve their overall standards. I think you just become a more evolved person once you cross 120 degrees Meridian West. LOL.

    You guys can thank Columbus for discovering the New World. It helped your ancestors get rid of bad habits plaguing the Old World.

    Sure the African thugs are scum but you’ll find those types in India, Central Asia, Eastern Europe. These are Old World problems. A lot of African thugs like these roam around in Europe as well. Europeans are used to them. Some Europeans are like this as well.

    1. There’s something about North America which helps human beings improve their overall standards.

      That’s an interesting point. For all of the bashing of White culture and the US, people from all sorts of parts of the world do seem to act a lot better when they come here. I could give you lots of examples, even among your own kind, the Indians.

      Although in some cases, like the Indians, the better behavior does not show up until you get the generation that is actually born here. The ones who immigrate here still have a lot of casteism. Others are very insular. But even some of the immigrants are willing to assimilate, and some of them are really cool people.

      I think what happens when people come here is they get rid of a lot of their more primitive or backwards cultural aspects. Hell, even Europeans toss aside a lot of their more primitive aspects (such as ethnic nationalism) when they come to our shores. Face it, if America is nothing else, it is modern. America is modernity. We are almost too modern nowadays but at least you can’t say we are backwards.

      1. Although in some cases, like the Indians, the better behavior does not show up until you get the generation that is actually born here.

        Yes, exactly. That’s what I meant. Sometimes it takes maybe a third generation.

        Kal Penn is a pretty cool person, but the part of India he originates from is a superstitious, backward place. By being born in the US, he never really got exposed to that toxic culture.

        Face it, if America is nothing else, it is modern. America is modernity. We are almost too modern nowadays but at least you can’t say we are backwards.

        I think America (and Canada) have always been more modern compared to the rest of the world for the last 100 years at least. By modernity, I don’t mean technology, wealth, and inventions alone. It’s about culture, ideas, behavior.

  3. Honestly, you all, I see what you’re saying, and living in the south at the moment, I get an even bigger picture. However, though, despite the honor of humility, often “the lower” is taken advantage by “the higher” to the point of abuse. Well, look what happened to the Chicago black kid who whistled at a white woman (in Mississippi)!

    Now, this one crowd-murder and all the lynchings might not compare at all to the scourge of black crime for the past century, but it was wrong, nonetheless.

    1. Ideally, no abuse. When I was a kid Blacks were known to grab everyone;s ass. The Me Too movement seems silent on interracial disparities like that. The media will never let old stories like that die because “evil Whitey” is the (((narrative))). We should focus on the horrific stories of today.

    2. Emily Haddock, shot in the mouth and back of head back of head, never made it to her teens. She didn’t do anything to provoke this attack by a pack of Blacks. Look her up, Jason. If you can’t feel anything for her, just imagine she was Black. Then maybe the media would’ve covered it.

      1. @Polar Beat

        I’m totally aware of the bias in the media and that’s wrong. However, though, I know what’s its like – as in my South Korean experience – to be the persecuted Jew (not really Jewish – just a figure of speech).

        1. Jews don’t own persecution Jason. Some of your German ancestors had it worse than some Jews. If you ran over some Korean girls and were mad about the damage to your car and asking their grieving parents for monetary compensation, then you’d have Jewish arrogance. You’re more like Reginald Denny though.

    1. Long story Pantheist. We also had Blacks from Ghana, Ivory Coast, etc. and frankly they didn’t act any better than Nigerians. They were trying to get money out of us too. I wouldn’t say they were trying to scam us. They were just trying to get money out of us under false pretenses. I guess they’re poor. Shrug.

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