Boys Who Kill Animals: A Hierarchy of Animal Victims

Same here. But, I don’t ever recall hurting a kitten or pup. Even as a toddler, I always loved cats and dogs. What is it really about them that children love so much? Maybe that they’re mammals?

I think the children who abuse cats and dogs are violent psychopaths in the making. I’d have never ever imagined hurting these creatures.

First I would like to point out that animal-killing is something boys do, and it’s very common. Girls generally speaking simply do not kill any kind of animals, even insects. They’re too tender-hearted for that sort of thing.

Sure, there is a hierarchy to this sort of thing. Most all boys kill insects and that’s no big deal really.

Next is fish. Yes, some boys kill fish for kicks, especially boys who fish for sport, but a fish is a primitive organism. To me though, killing fish is more serious than killing insects. A fish is larger and you can really see it suffer if you kill it. Bugs just die right away and they are so small that it is hard to empathize with them if you kill them.

Next up are amphibians like frogs. For some reason this is a bit more serious than killing fish. Nonetheless, quite a few boys kill frogs and other amphibians. President George Bush did as a boy.

Next up would probably be reptiles. For some reason, I think this is a bit more serious than killing amphibians, mostly because I’ve rarely heard of boys killing reptiles.

It’s rare for boys to kill reptiles because they’re a bit dangerous. Also boys love to catch snakes and make pets out of them. My friends caught kingsnakes and made pets of them. You had to feed them live mice! Our friends cackled with glee watching their pet snakes eat a live mouse. I told you boys are evil. Lizards will also fight back and a lot of them bite, especially those nasty alligator lizards we have here in California.

Next up would be birds. Now we are getting serious because birds are warm-blooded. Killing cold-blooded creatures is not that big of a deal, as they are all extremely primitive creatures far removed from us. The closer the animal gets to a human, the more of a serious matter the animal killing is.

But humans are warm-blooded, so killing warm-blooded creatures is a big deal. The Mexican Indian man next door told me that as a boy in Mexico, they used to kill birds! I could not believe he did that, and he was a bit defensive about it. He came out fine though. There’s nothing wrong with him. But I like birds so I won’t look fondly on bird-killers.

I am just guessing, but I think bird-killers might be older than killers of cold-blooded creatures, who tend to be young boys. As boys become teenagers, most of them start to think that killing bugs, fish, amphibians, etc. is childish and stupid. If they still want to kill animals, I imagine that they graduate on to birds and mammals. But most boys who killed animals as boys simply stop killing creatures when they become teenagers. They simply mature out of it.

Next up of course is mammals. Mammals are warm-blooded, and humans are mammals. If you are hunting mammals for sport with a gun, that is one thing, especially if you are going to eat the animal you kill. But if you are just killing them for kicks (typically by torturing them to death), you’ve got problems, especially if you are killing dogs and cats, as we humans love these animals and make pets out of them.

Yes, many serial killers start out killing mammals as boys. It’s more or less practice for killing humans, which they will do later on. I have no idea if mammal-killing boys can turn out ok. Perhaps some of them can. But if you know of a child or adolescent who is killing mammals, some intervention is needed. As soon as possible. This is a serious matter not to be trifled with.

Also I would like to point out that mammal-killers tend to be older than the other animal-killers listed above. They are usually teenagers aged 14-16, and they can be both boys and girls, but they are mostly boys.

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7 thoughts on “Boys Who Kill Animals: A Hierarchy of Animal Victims”

  1. Most I killed was a slug. I know a number of boys that killed dogs and cats, disgusting and usually cruel deaths. They seem fine but I secretly hate them for it. Then there’s fathers that make their son kill the house pet.

    1. I know a number of boys that killed dogs and cats, disgusting and usually cruel deaths. They seem fine but I secretly hate them for it.

      Wait a minute. These boys who killed dogs and cats, you still know them as adults today? And they are fine, you say? If they apologized for what they did, would you accept the apology and stop hating them?

      Then there’s fathers that make their son kill the house pet.

      That’s just terrible, sorry.

      1. Yes, they stopped killing them and seem well adjusted. They act like it was typical boyhood behavior. One alleged to kill many of them with a flamethrower. I don’t hate them constantly but certainly think less of them. I’m a lifetime animal lover and pet owner myself, it’s like telling a parent “Yeah, I used to kill babies.” That happened to someone I know, not me, but yes it’s terrible.

  2. Yes, many serial killers start out killing mammals as boys. It’s more or less practice for killing humans, which they will do later on. I have no idea if mammal-killing boys can turn out ok.

    I always wondered if there’s any truth to the stereotype of US Blacks abusing their pitbulls? Or is it a recurring White Nationalist canard?

    I generally hate pitbulls. They’re nasty cretins who will attack you for no reason. Not that I wouldn’t rescue a poor pitbull pup stuck in quicksand, but I don’t expect those asshole cunts to thank me later. They have highest rates of turning on their owners.

    Also, that incessant barking. Now I am a hypocrite, I don’t know why I don’t object to Pomeranians who bark even more without any reason. Pomeranians can be assholes in their own way; they urinate exactly where you tell them not to.

    And they’re too cute to deserve an ass-beating. They take every advantage they can of their owners. They’re like jealous girlfriends or Prima donnas and will settle for nothing less than 100% attention. I love it when they yap like the little cunts they are.

    I find the Pomeranian personality very intriguing. Maybe they’re a subtle reflection of me: tough on the outside, cowardly inside. Gluttony, binge TV watching, superiority complex. What’s not there to love about them?

    Other dog breeds I like include Labrador retrievers, Balinese poodles, and even strays. I get along great with the strays. Do you have strays in California where you live?

    1. Pitbulls seem to be some alpha-macho thing like tattoos. Anyway, I’m not sure if they’re bad for kids, but I wouldn’t take the chance! But I had someone in the family with a “recovering pitbull” – LOL – and their kids were out petting it. Huh, well, they must be living back in the 80s when they could also chain-smoke around kids, and they do that now!

  3. Girls are meaner than you think – way meaner. Come on, are people on here that naive?

    Anyway, I’m not sure if animal abuse/killing is common, but all boys don’t do it, and the ones not doing it are not sissies.

    Well, I remember when I was in elementary school, I heard tell of some kid bragging about putting gasoline in kitten’s milk and another group of boys came to my house (out in the countryside) and threw rocks at our geese!

    Now I would never do those sort of things. Well, the closest I came was throwing cats in a creek for parachute training LOL. But I knew they could swim. The thought of them getting hurt or killed was something I really hated.

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