Believe It or Not, I Actually Do Not Support Bullying

Yeah I actually do not support bullying at all in spite of all of these articles I have written.

I definitely do not support the sort of bullying whereby the bad boys, psychoboys, or mean boys attack more or less normal kids. I experienced a bit of this, and it was traumatic for sure. But I got through it. It may even build character in that if you endure hardship, you come out stronger.

On the other hand, there will probably always be bad boys, psychoboys, and mean boys picking on more or less normal kids. I don’t see how you can ever get rid of it. One thing is if you act less weak and less dorky and nerdy and uncool, you get bullied a lot less. I think that is how I got outside of serious bullying.

I pretty much conformed and became a “cool guy” and after that, I didn’t get bullied much. It’s an ill wind that blows no good, and maybe if bullying forces kids to be less weak and to try to be more popular and well-liked, then maybe this is a case of a good thing coming from a bad thing. But it would be better if bad boys bullying normal kids never happened in the first place.

What people have gotten out of my bullying articles is that I support bullying. I don’t at all. I was bullied myself and those were some of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I have simply said that it will always be with us, and bullying of severe outliers might actually benefit them by forcing them to get their act together. Once they start acting more normal, the bullying will go way down.

Instead, I have simply said that kids don’t understand that bullying is bad the way that we adults do. And they probably never will. And I don’t feel guilty about what little bullying my friends and I did as a child. Why should I? We were stupid kids who didn’t know any better and we didn’t think it was wrong at the time.

On the other hand, it would be a better world (maybe) if extreme outliers were left alone.

I wonder about that too though. Should that crybaby boy DN not have gotten his ass beat in 5th grade? He was constantly bursting into tears for no reason. You don’t think that behavior ought to be corrected? I mean other boys have to be taught that crybabies get their asses beat. That’s the message I got out of that: “Crybabies get hit.”

On the other hand, in my mind now, the message is, “If I cry, I am going to get hit.” That’s a message from my childhood. You could argue that it’s sad and inhuman that I have that mindset, but I don’t cry much. I am actually a pretty hard, tough man in that respect. And I am wondering why that is a bad thing. I do cry sometimes. Just not very often at all.

If you don’t give boys this message “crybabies get hit”, you might get whole generations of crybaby men.

And straight boys have to get the message, “effeminate men get hit.” That way they will have a severe prohibition on acting effeminate and most straight men won’t behave in effeminate ways. Otherwise you might have whole generations of effeminate straight men.

Psychoboys obviously need to be bullied, although it doesn’t seem to do any good, and it seems to make them worse. But the message is “psychoboys get bullied.” That’s a good lesson to learn.

Why shouldn’t I have gotten the message “psychoboys get bullied and hit” when I was a kid? I mean it kept me from going that route. I saw how juvenile maniacs got treated, and I didn’t want that sort of treatment, so that was one thing that kept me from turning into a vicious little maniac.

Should extreme dorked out nerds get bullied? Part of me says no, but if they are not bullied, what motivation do they have to change? Don’t you think we should try to change their behavior? They might just go on being totally dorked out nerds their whole lives. You might have whole generations of men with many seriously dorked out idiots among them. This is a good thing?

On the other hand the humanitarian in me says that it would be nice if you we could reach a place where effeminate boys and totally geeked-out nerds were not bullied. I think of a world like that and smile inside. But realistically speaking, I do not think 10 year old boys will ever accept the screaming queens in their midst. No matter how much SJW brainwash they get, I just can’t see it. Boys will always bully other boys who are screaming queens.

And while it’s nice to think of nerds living peaceful lives, I doubt if boys will ever accept the severely geeked-out idiots amongst them. Boys will always attack severe outliers like that. I can’t see a world where 13 year old boys don’t bully the severe idiot nerds.

I still think psychoboys should get bullied for sure, and I am very wary of letting crybaby boys get away with it.

All boys need to be taught a lesson, or many lessons. Boyhood is really a place where you are endlessly being taught a lesson about this, that, or the other. This is how you learn what is acceptable and what it not acceptable behavior. This is how boys are turned into men.

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4 thoughts on “Believe It or Not, I Actually Do Not Support Bullying”

  1. As a child, I never really got bullied for my size, mainly due to the fact that I started kindergarten a year and a half late because of an illness.

    So, I was always a year or two older than my classmates. Till eighth grade, I’d always stand at the back row for a group photo along with other tall kids. Only when high school came I realized I wasn’t nearly as tall as I thought I was. I grew to a 5’9″ and was surrounded by plenty of six-footers and above. That’s when I learned what the real world would be like.

    Coming to the topic, I didn’t face any bullying from my classmates and had happy schooling till ninth grade at least. But I did get picked on a lot by older kids. As a fifth-grader, I had plenty of altercations with older ninth-graders. They’d wait outside the school to find me alone and beat my ass. It hurt their pride that a smaller kid made fun of them.

    It really started with me making fun of their mod hairstyles (c. 1993). I somehow got a thrill out of picking fights with these assholes. Maybe I was stupid but I never really avoided them, kind of sending a loud and clear message that I wasn’t scared, which couldn’t be any further from truth. They were all older and a real bunch of meanies, and there was no way I could put up a half-decent fight.

    I was confused back then. I was actually scared – just pretending to be brave. Those bullies would grab my satchel and throw it away. Then they’d take their turns to slap, punch, and kick me till it hurt so badly that I could barely walk. They’d pull my pants down but they never sexually assaulted me. I’m glad my bullies had standards. I know for a fact that had I been anally raped or something, it’d have messed me up forever.

    Still, I was getting beat up every single day. If I recollect correctly they just wanted me to apologize, and then they’d have considered leaving me alone. I would have none of it. These bullies represented an oppressive brutal hierarchy, and I had to be a rebel from an early age.

    They threatened to “kill” me several times, and I was definitely scared. But I soon called their bluff on it. I learned first hand just because someone threatens to kill you doesn’t mean it will happen in reality.

    However, one day they mercilessly smashed me over a fence and hit me several times with a blunt object. I received a nasty gash on my forehead, shoulders, and elbow, and my clothes were torn apart. I pleaded with them to stop, as I was bleeding a lot, but they were like, “You asked for this, little fella.”

    By the time they were done, I was completely knocked senseless and had to be hospitalized. Afterwards, the school authorities wanted me to name those bullies. I refused as I was visibly scared. They had warned me several times not to squeal or they’d kill me for real.

    But I didn’t get any more bother from them after that. They knew they had crossed the line and were only glad I hadn’t named them. I also learned my lesson: it’s a stupid idea to pick a fight with people bigger than you for no reason.

    In retrospect, I’m thankful to my bullies. They made me internally stronger, resilient, and unafraid. Every time I brave the odds in any situation of life, I just remember the ass-kickings. They have molded my character.

    So, if someone tells me stuff like “He’s way too big for you. Avoid,” or “That girl is way outta your league,” I don’t really buy it. Every bully has a weakness and I learned as a fifth grader that no one is invincible in a battle. Everyone has weaknesses. Sure I got my ass kicked and had a close brush with death. But I did emerge stronger from the whole experience.

    Adult world bullies are different. They don’t physically kick your ass. They’d rather strike you financially, emotionally, or isolate you from a group. But it’s still a battle all right.

  2. Instead, I have simply said that kids don’t understand that bullying is bad the way that we adults do. And they probably never will. And I don’t feel guilty about what little bullying my friends and I did as a child. Why should I? We were stupid kids who didn’t know any better and we didn’t think it was wrong at the time.

    Well, the “gook lover” remarks at a church by these hick retards has kept me away from there for at least 20 years. But of course they’re not sensitive or sophisticated enough to see their error.

    1. The people who hate “gook loving” men like you most would be Asian men. You’re drinking from the only pool of women most Asians have. “Gook lover” is an odd insult for a White man by other Whites, most Whites like Asians.

  3. Well, my opinion is that it doesn’t matter if a person is a dorked out nerd or lets say a very effiminate guy. It’s simply not my business how a person behave or what kind of character he/she is. I don’t have any right to force my worldview on a person by bullying him or worse. As long this person doesn’t harm anyone he has every right to be the person he likes to be(or is …). Bullying a psycho is one thing…. I dont know how things in america are(I imagine worse….) but where I’m from nobody wants to get harmed or killed just by disrespecting the wrong guy. The might heavily dislike him yes, but in most cases they dont act on it just because their well being is more important to them.

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