A Soft Society All Around

Some softness and tolerance is desirable. Certainly @Robert Lindsay is not a White Nationalist as he’s stated, much less a hardcore one. Nonetheless, he would agree with me to some extent that society is “too soft”, and saying this doesn’t mean a person is racist. Racism and the idea of a “tougher society” don’t go together necessarily.

I figure nationalism and racism have their roots in survival. In other words, a person who is distrustful and hateful would survive better than someone else in a primitive environment. But we don’t live in primitive environments in many places (maybe most). The worst primitive environments would be prisons. In a prison, the worst instincts of racism, bullying, etc. all come to the front.

Anyway, back to liberals. They’ve succeeded in convincing people that human nature is basically good, so of course, this leads to an explosion in society of crime and naughty children.

I myself don’t like submitting to character molders. My arrogant brother – as mentioned in a recent comment – thinks he’s doing the right thing, but he’s a very arrogant jerk. In that case, I’m right in rebelling. I mean, an endorsement of hard justice isn’t an endorsement of an abuse of such power.

What is abuse of such power? A character molder should be able to enforce things without rubbing it in. For instance, whipping a child is one thing, verbally abusing it is another. What I see instead is a lot smart-ass cop types. You what I’m saying?

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2 thoughts on “A Soft Society All Around”

  1. My dad only had to beat me once; that’s all it took. In tempered hands disciplining kids is not bad. I’m sure a minority of people would abuse it, but in the right hands, it’s fine.

    The Mongols mostly destroyed villages that opposed them, but every now and then, they would slaughter people that surrendered too. Ideally in disciplining kids, innocents wouldn’t be harmed. Verbal abuse likely has more damaging effects than physical discipline.

    1. Life just isn’t valuable to those cultures. They expect those they kill to “fear for their lives” and do anything to stop it, but the killers just see death as a gateway to some other afterlife, and maybe not a bad one (if you get what I mean).

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