Wimpy Teachers and the Prevalence of Bullies

The Alt-Right is all about the positive virtue of bullies – about how guys shouldn’t be wimps, etc.. Why haven’t they tackled the problem of teachers and how they’re too soft and wimpy to beat the crap out of bullies?

That’s the real problem. The bottom line is that students who are weird are not anyone’s business – certainly not other students’. They don’t have a right to pick on those kids. However, they do pick on them because they’re brats, and they’re brats because of their parents.

Now what is the school to do? Well, punishing kids harshly brings up images of Kunta Kinte being whipped or some shit, so they don’t have the balls to punish kids to where they are scared to death of the teachers.

Our prison system won’t even do that to gangbangers. What about that? These prisoners are not afraid of incarceration. They’d have to have to something way worse to scare them into quivering worms. Well, how about a purposely induced kidney stone?

Now, what’s funny is that @Robert Lindsay has sung the praises of Islam, but he doesn’t really want to apply this “Medieval on your ass” stuff to grade school bullies. But why not?

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