Why Anti-Bullying Doesn’t Work

Such programs in the US or elsewhere don’t work because a great percentage of boys/girls are assholes by nature. Well, it’s not all of them – but it’s a lot of them. I would say maybe less than half. Now, these brats are incurable because the parents simply didn’t raise them right.

Anyway, the actual solution to bullying is teaching kids:

    • Don’t run your mouth
    • lift weights (if your a boy – well, it might work for a girl too)

Now, bullying is often about anti-conformity, but I would not encourage kids to “hide who they are” because it’s not really about that. It’s about the appearance of weakness – as in mental and physical weakness – not the looks.

But it’s silly to think people will change cause programs tell them to change. There is some idea that movies/music have caused a gradual change in people. This is championed by Christians who think a Satanic conspiracy is going on.

But in regards to bullying it’s a long shot to say anything in society will reduce bullying as it goes on today. Yet society in some places has gotten softer due to Political Correctness, but this just means, “It’s not cool to be massively racist, but you can just bully for other reasons.”

Do you get my drift here?

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