What can be learned from Saving Isaiah? (Warning Movie Spoiler) – Race Relations

Warning movie spoiler – Saving Isaiah

Spoiler: Saving Isaiah Movie

In the movie, a druggie black woman leaves her newborn in a dumpster. It’s found and then later a middle-class white woman adopts it. However, later the black woman finds out the baby survived and wants it back. Well, there is resistance, but the black woman wins the court case.

Anyway, the baby/young boy grew an attachment to the white woman as his mom – and could care less about race. Therefore, the black woman was forced to seek the white woman’s help in raising the baby – at the end of the movie.

Well, this is pretty much right-on what me and @Robert Lindsay were talking about. In other words, putting blacks and others on an Indian reservation (of sorts) – refusing to help them on a more personal level – above government programs – which the conservative whites highly resent – has not worked.

So this thing saw on this movie – seems very touching and enlightening as to what is today’s problems though – the whole scene on the movie seems outdated – as this was 90s, the dawn of political correctness – as opposed to now.

Well, today many white women have mixed babies. There’s not much stigma against them. But maybe in the 90s that was more rare. Well, it could also be about geography. Definitely, I think – the racial scene in big cities as way more polarized and hateful – than say in East Tennessee, where I’m from.

But, of course, “lack of snob-ness” cannot solve all racial problems – as some are too big. For instance, the US can help out African-Americans. It cannot help out Africa (or India, Latin America etc..) – and probably never will be able to (but then again – we don’t have even “non-human touch” welfare programs for them anyway).

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