The Cultural Left: Oddly Enough, Causing Bullies

They hate bullying but their pussy way of dealing with students (no corporal punishment) certainly would make things worse, wouldn’t it?

I mean seriously, all through school, students are being coddled – they’re always having their “self-esteem” fed. The late George Carlin, the comedian, predicted this horrible outcome when he noted that serial killers and other deviants all have – guess what?  High self-esteem!

Myself, I get queasy when I see movies about bullwhips. In fact, as a kid, watching Kunta Kinte get whipped was sad and unjust to me! But seriously, a lot of people probably need punishment like that! Otherwise, they turn into dickheads. The Islamic view of human nature is probably better, assuming they just kept the punishments to things like bullying, not carrying cellphones to class or being gay.

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