Mom Hires Stripper for 8-Year Old Boy’s Birthday Party

My strong hunch is that he didn’t enjoy it! So is this really abuse? It seems to be a gray area here. Any ideas anyone? Well, I suppose it would be abuse if the stripper took off her clothes, but the article apparently didn’t mention it, so I assume that didn’t happen.

At his age I can honestly say I wasn’t interested in sex – just riding bicycles, hiking in mountains (I lived in the countryside), playing basketball, playing with dogs and cats, and make-believe building/creating things.

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16 thoughts on “Mom Hires Stripper for 8-Year Old Boy’s Birthday Party”

  1. O.K., at his age, I can honestly say I wasn’t interested in sex

    Neither was I but I did enjoy the company of girls. They were my own age, of course. I often kissed them and we would pretend to get “married” and had our own tree house. Happy innocent times!

    I would even act jealous if they spoke to another boy in class.

    I didn’t even realize when puberty came. My first sexual crush was Naomi Campbell at 11 or 12 years. Back then she was young and nubile, like a black goddess. I took clippings of her from Vogue magazine where she’s almost butt naked, with a well-oiled body. I imagined doing nasty things to her. Soon I started noticing other women around me, even the grown-ups I formerly despised.

    All that was great but nothing would come close to those happy carefree childhood days, and my sweet innocent crushes.

      1. Mine hit at age 13. I did have some interest in girls in the 6th grade at age 11 though. I remember dropping a pencil so I could look under a girl’s skirt. I suppose the feminists will say that I am a misogynistic harasser, abuser, and rapist forever for that crime.


    1. Stacy Dash and Ananda Lewis were my black celeb crushes. I shook it to Demi Moore in Striptease the most. Jennifer Connelly was my type in the looks department.

    2. So you had erections and could ejaculate at that age, correct? And you masturbated? I didn’t start getting erections and ejaculating until I was 13. Then the whole world of girls and women came crashing in on me all at once and I didn’t think about anything other than tits, pussy, ass, and heterosexual sex for the next 49 years.

      1. Started masterbating by 5th grade, had two hot teachers at the time. and 3rd grade teacher I wanted to fuck. At some point I wanted to fuck almost every woman at that school, except really fat women and two very old nuns. Years later a less hot third grade teacher of mine came onto me.

        1. Started masturbating at age 10?! But you could not ejaculate that early, right? LOL it’s ok.

          At some point I wanted to fuck almost every woman at that school, except really fat women and two very old nuns.

          I want to fuck all the women too. So does SHI.

          1. RL

            Just curious what really separates you, Jason or I from Roosh the douche. Is it because we’re far less obnoxious? God knows I can’t stand him one bit although our methods are somewhat the same. Women do not give sex for free so there’s always a quid pro quo.

            Roosh’s right on the money but I find it amusing when he claims to have invented the whole idea of transactional sex. It’s been around since cave man times: the savage who brought home the hunted deer received plenty of sex rather than the savage who sat back and twiddled his thumb.

            Slightly old article but Roosh is shown his place at a bar. Surely he (and his gang) do things which are pissing off a lot of people. I can’t really place what it is: maybe he’s a misogynist and we’re not. I’m all for feminism as long as I’m not deprived of sexual pleasures and fun.


            Here’s where it gets good. Roosh decided to go out to a bar after his event, and that’s when he had a beer pitched in his face. Then another and then yet another.

            The wonderful people at the bar then chased him out, yelling at him to “get the fuck out of Montreal” but that’s not where things ended. The patrons followed Roosh all the way back to where he was staying just to make sure he knew he wasn’t wanted here.

            Serves the prick right.

          2. Roosh is a real reactionary for one. And he’s a misogynist for sure as almost all PUA’s are. There’s also a lot of disgusting hypermasculinity and strutting around on there. I hate the word but Roosh and his minions are actually engaging in toxic masculinity.

            You want to know what real toxic masculinity looks like? Go to Roosh’s site. Or Heartiste’s – he’s exactly the same as Roosh – reactionary, Alt Right, misogynistic, hypermasculine, toxic masculinity, the whole nine yards. Heartiste also end up promoting White Nationalism and so did Roosh for a while until they turned on him for being an Iranian mongrel.

            He also supports rape. You, Jason, and I love women, we are leftwing, and we don’t support rape. I also don’t support a lot of Roosh’s sleazy pickup techniques.

            We have actual souls with compassion and real empathy. Those guys over there are pathologically narcissistic and have elevated psychopathy. I mean most players have that, but those guys are really pathological. I guess we would say that you don’t have to be a pathological narcissistic psychopath to get laid.

            I suppose we are something like the PUA/Game/Redpilled Left. We’re redpilled liberals and Leftists. In other words, Alt Left. Alt Left has liberal and Leftist wings. Jason would be in the liberal wing, I am in the Leftist wing, and you might be there with me.

            I will say though that you can learn a lot of good stuff from that site if you can read it long enough without smashing the screen. A lot of good insight and truths about women.

            Sure, sex is transactional – most of the time. Not all the time though. Chad doesn’t really have to pay women for sex like the rest of us do.

          3. Don’t know the age but that’s the grade. I was already taller than all the other boys my age. Girls in the same grade would cling to me but I was more into developed women. A Greek family next door had a girl younger than me, a girl one grade above me, and a much older mom (the one I wanted the most).

            I used her robe as a jizz rag. There was a freakishly tall guy in town, boys on rival sports teams would call me his name. In high school, girls my own age that were into me looked too young for me. Now I don’t stand out as super tall and even look younger than most my age. The underdeveloped girls ended up aging well also. I believe in the idea that it’s good for boys to develop early but bad for girls.

          4. Heartiste also end up promoting White Nationalism and so did Roosh for a while until they turned on him for being an Iranian mongrel.

            I didn’t know he was of Iranian origin. Some of them have an unbelievable superiority complex. But they’re not too bad if you meet them in person.

            Also, outside of Iran, most of them aren’t radical Muslims. They’re very open-minded compared to the Arabs. They’re just the wannabe Europeans of Asia.

          5. I will say though that you can learn a lot of good stuff from that site if you can read it long enough without smashing the screen

            I wouldn’t give his misogynistic site any traffic. It’s against my core values. The whole PUA scene revolves around the insane idea that “there is a constant war going on between men and women”.

            I picked up a lot of nice tips from your blog and they’ve served me well all these years. Why give Roosh the douche any credit at all? He’s a clown and that’s about what sums him up.

          6. Speaking of Heartiste, I just stepped onto that landmine out of curiosity. And I just can’t stop laughing at their naivete.

            I will not link to that article, as that shitty site doesn’t deserve traffic from yours. But it goes by the title: “Low Class Fat White Chicks And Black Men, Perfect Together!”

            I don’t think I laughed this hard in a long time. What a bunch of sockpuppets!

            White women are kinda, sorta… most definitely raciss n sheeeeiiit. But what about those righteous, morally superior good White women who throw off the burden of White privilege and happily date Black men?

            LOL, these geezers aren’t playas. They’re just butthurt and angry at White women.

            Unfortunately for branding purposes, these moral paragons aren’t exactly the classiest or thinnest ladies.

            So, only low-class and fat white women date black men? All right!

            Then they quote some nondescript online research publication, ostensibly at Princeton University. Here is the link to that research:


            Clearly it’s not peer-reviewed or academic in any sense of the word. The Heartiste authors use this unreliable source to give their superb insights into the world of Black men and fat White women.

            Among White women, one of the most striking findings is that White women who describe themselves as slim, slender, athletic, fit, or average are nearly seven times as likely to exclude Black men as dates as women who describe themselves as thick, voluptuous, a few extra pounds, or large.

            This is the main climax of the article. First of all, the so-called study ignores a few things such as a lot of Black men (and even White men/Brown men) preferring voluptuous body types. I don’t mind a thin girl but at least I prefer slightly voluptuous females (not obese, though). I can say from experience Black men always prefer big booties.

            Now the only question remaining is whether fat White chicks settle for Black men because those are the only men who’ll have them, or that Black men try but fail to get sexy White chicks and decide to shoot for the easy prey because even a fat White girl is more feminine than the typical Black girl?

            So, this is the crux of the article. Heartiste has a lot of hate on fat White girls. They’re supposed to be exterminated like Hitler did with the 6 million Jews.

            Now none of their so-called “facts” meet a scrutiny of the eye. If you go to a club, you’ll find a well-hung, well-built man getting swarmed by women irrespective of the race. But you don’t have to have six-pack abs to be successful with women. Many girls are sapiosexuals attracted to intelligent men. Far more than these PUA types think.

            Using a human brain and a dash of confidence works quite well for many 30’s and middle-aged men, but these PUA types laugh at such men, calling them outliers.

            I’m surely not visiting Heartiste again. They base their presumptions on a badly-rated academic research. And then they use their stupid theories about fat women. Not worth my time in the future.

  2. I hung around mostly girls at age 10 – 11 (I think). Well, maybe at least half the time. But I wasn’t gay and I’m not now – nor effeminate.

    Anyway, like SHI – I would have got jealous – due to primitive sexuality – if those girls had hung with other guys – and I was aware they were different, maybe pretty. Yeah, I did think one that I hung around was pretty and would look forward to summers when she would visit Tennessee for extended vacations.

  3. I fantasized about an aunt very early. More kiss focused than sexual. I remember liking older women and not the neighbor girls my own age. First crush around my age group was a kindegarden classmate. Hit puberty before all classmates. Wanted sex by 5th grade at least.

    1. That’s pretty good. You’re pure biological het if your sex drive came on that strong and that early. Sounds like maybe you really like women too. Boys who start liking females at an early age often end up liking women a lot.

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