Being a Majority View Doesn’t Make it Correct

In the last couple of articles @Robert Lindsay noted that 8

Fact is, a lot of people cannot see how bad human nature really is. In fact, it’s bad enough to say that most people need a terrible purging by parents – not by bullies – in order to become full human beings. However, most parents and teachers are not up to that these days. In their “softness” they’re doing kids a terrible injustice – in fact, letting them conform to their natural majority state of being animals, monsters – you name it.

Now, I was a teacher; so was Robert. We know kids. We know what they’re like. In fact, it’s not about kids, it’s about humans in general being a highly unfinished product. I guess that’s why we got our major religions.

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3 thoughts on “Being a Majority View Doesn’t Make it Correct”

  1. Agree with title but this also applies to what you said about Whites, “most Whites don’t support the hardcore agenda – and many probably aren’t even racist at all.” Most Whites are, as you said, cucks/chumps. At least when compared to other races. For disciplining kids too, the White West has stopped flat while flat Asian asses get the cane. Arab asses are fatter so they get the whip.

    1. An endorsement of a tough discipline thing – isn’t one of hardcore white nationalism. That’s what you’re implying. This is truth mixed with lies.

      I think the problem is that tolerance in one thing – isn’t good in another. The liberal agenda is simply tolerating “everything”.

      1. We would agree genocide is hardcore, but I don’t think bullying is hardcore. In fact I enjoy the racial back and forth between European countries, it’s all in good fun. Acknowledging the differences is a large part of appreciating different ethnic groups.

        Disciplining children relates to race on some level. Myanmar is one of the more untouched countries in SE Asia and is known for its discipline of school children. The whippings in the Arab area are in contrast with the modern West. A town in the rural South stuck in the past might still do it, but they are not modern West.

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