Alt Left: Why I Hate the Judicial System So Much

I despise cops, DA’s, courts, jails, prisons, probation officers and the whole vile, despicable system.

Of the above, I think I hate DA’s most of all. I also really hate federal police, even the FBI. The FBI is not cool at all. If they just focused on arresting very bad criminals it would be one thing. But they undertake blatantly political prosecutions all the time, indicting foreign citizens on US charges solely for further US foreign policy, as these are citizens of the countries who we say are enemies.

Check out COINTELPRO if you think the FBI is ok. And they never stopped doing that either. They said they shut it down, but it’s really still going on but underground. In these cases, the government pursued blatantly political prosecutions of US dissidents all the way up executing them (check out Fred Hampton). The FBI also covers up for the crimes that the CIA commits on US soil, including homicide.

Yes, I know we need the people above sometimes to protect us from criminals who actually harm us, but we have far too many laws, and 70% of them should be wiped off the books. Every year there is a whole slate of new laws on the books to criminalize more and more of our lives. They’ve already made half of normal daily life illegal. I guess that’s not enough as they aren’t satisfied.

The government needs to butt the Hell out of our lives, in particular our sex lives. Far too much of our normal sex lives is open to prosecution by the judicial system. That’s ridiculous. What business is it of theirs? I feel that for most problems (70% of laws) people simply ought to be left to sort out their problems on their own. Why are police involved in interpersonal disputes between one person and another? What business is this of the state’s? Butt out.

In particular, many of those either do not victimize anyone or is quite dubious that the “victim” was harmed in the slightest bit by the crime.

In some cases, the “victim” is the government or society. Excuse me. I never realized that “the government” or “society” was a human being! Did “the government” or “society” get PTSD as a result of this crime against it? Did it need therapy for decades as a result of the crime? No? Then why is this even a law in the first place.

In this sense, I am quasi-Libertarian, though I do want to keep many laws on the books, far more than the Libertarians do. I particularly do not agree with complete decriminalization of drug laws and a complete deregulation of business or the capitalists. And this would also be the Alt Left position. We are in a sense Left-Libertarians.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why I Hate the Judicial System So Much”

  1. I am quasi-Libertarian

    I’m on way to becoming an anarchist. I hate civilized order. I hate the fact that I can’t make a dollar extra of which the banks and credit card companies don’t get their 90 cents cut first.

    Since I am scared of going to prison, I toe the line and behave well. For now at least. But for how long? How much more can I take?

    I just want to become an arsonist and set some bank buildings on fire. But that’d require plenty of bottles and an escape plan. That circles back to above point. I’m scared of going to prison, therefore I behave well. I’d rather be dead in a ditch than spend even one night in jail.

    1. LOL you never been to jail? You never been arrested? I’ve been arrested twice and spent six hours in jail, four hours one time and two hours another time. To me the whole experience was like going to Hell. I ain’t going back is my philosophy.

      I am scared of going to jail too. I’d love to do all sorts of bad things, but I don’t want to go to jail. Again.

      1. I’m talking of “third world jail” which is what I’d get into if I goof up. Picture an overcrowded cell filled with nasty third-world lowlifes. A single cell is a luxury in India. No attached toilets they will probably give you a bucket for slop (yuck I don’t wanna know).

        If you have money to bribe the guards, you can probably buy cigarettes and outside food if your cellmates aren’t stealing from you. Cockroaches, bugs and even rats everywhere in the cell. Forget about a good night’s sleep. Shaving is a luxury and most convicts will grow huge beards – there are no fucking mirrors anyway. No access to books or newspapers forget about the Internet.

        Prison staff abuse their authority with impunity. There is no one to appeal to. If you don’t have rich lawyers, you can’t afford a bail. Government appointed defense lawyers are scumbags who won’t care about your innocence – they are WITH the other side that framed you.

        The worst part is that if you don’t have money, you can remain an “undertrial” for weeks or even months (in the worst cases, 2-3 years) before your case shows up in front of a corrupt Indian magistrate. Being an undertrial is a never ending hell. You don’t really know if you will ever get out of that hellhole. You lose all hope forever. Religion could be your only comfort but that will only hasten your demise as probably God will take pity on you and rescue you from that cell by providing you the courage to kill yourself.

        And all this is what I know from newspapers, television reports, and even fictional movies. The real Indian jails are no better really from the stuff I already know.

        I am a breath away from becoming a fugitive for real as I am unable to clear my debts. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

        1. If jails/prisons were that rough in the US – would prisons be a way of life for some people? I mean, they aren’t scared by the judicial system. Well, one popular author proposed bringing back judicial corporal punishment – like what is seen in Singapore or the Islamic World.

          1. I mean, they aren’t scared by the judicial system.

            Maybe I wouldn’t mind going to jail in the US. I mean three hots and a cot, and a toilet plus shower doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Also, the cells look cleaner from what I saw on Television documentaries.

            You also get exercise time to stretch your legs. Access to books and newspapers is a guarantee although I am not sure about the Internet. Maybe when they perceive you as a low risk, well-behaved inmate, some Internet is allowed occasionally.

            You can probably get a diploma from MIT or Harvard while serving time.

            The only downside – all the bum rape you will get from being some hardened criminal’s bitch. They will probably pass me around like currency. If the US prisons can take care of this problem, it will become a truly humane prison system. This is the only aspect of US prisons similar to third world countries.

            I think I’d prefer going to prison in Canada, Germany, Netherlands or Norway.

            In these countries, the social care workers are extra attentive about inmates human rights: “Sir, are you feeling all right? Do you want anything else? You say, ‘pussy?’ Noted. Will inform the government to provide you with prostitution services.” 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

          2. Singapore prisons are notorious for caning the inmates, as in Malaysia, Brunei and Aceh province of Indonesia.

            I mean imagine a 1″ thick rattan cane, the same material used for polo mallets, striking your smooth bare ass.

            In Islamic countries, they often use whips or other flogging instruments. You will have bruises, cuts and lesions all over your body. You can sustain fractures or a permanent internal damage. And of course, there is amputations for theft (although it has declined recently), and even beheading in a public square.

            In Saudi Arabia, they have a dedicated place called “Chop Chop Square” to take care of the beheadings which are a public spectacle.

    1. Yeah humans are basically a moralfag species, LOL. It’s normal to be a moralfag. Libertarian “Let people do what they want” types like SHI and I are rather rare. Most people are pretty damned sanctimonious. It’s apparently human nature to be like this. Oh well, could be worse. We could be a psychopathic species. That would be a lot worse. I’m not even sure that we would not slaughter each other and go extinct.

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