NSFW: Some Women Actually Enjoyed Getting Molested As Girls


Warning: This post contains a lot of highly disturbing material adults having sex minors, including the child molestation of little girls. If you find this sort of thing disturbing and upsetting, then don’t read. If you do read don’t come back and tell what a horrible person I am for writing about this sort of thing.

Also, a caveat: I am not saying it is a good thing for men to molest girls when they are young. Clearly, many girls are harmed by this practice. In quite a few cases, they get over it quickly, but one can argue that there was still harm. If someone robs me and I get over my trauma soon enough, but I still got harmed, let’s face it. And many girls are harmed long term by being molested, and in quite a few cases, the damage lingers into adulthood.

Some of the sequelae of getting molested are Borderline Personality Disorder, involved in the sex trade, masochism, addiction to abusive men, low to zero desire for sex, difficulty in maintaining sexual relationships, and PTSD.  There may be others but these are the only ones I can think of. Some studies have even visually mapped this damage on brain scans.

Now it’s quite obvious that women who get molested vary. Many suffer long term damage, but for many others, the damage is short term. An unknown group of others actually regard the experience as positive.

For those who regard the experience as positive, the sequelae are nonetheless similar to those who got harmed: involved in the sex trade, masochism or a desire for abusive sex, addiction to older men, and the most prominent of all – promiscuity, often extreme promiscuity.

It’s not PC to say that some women liked it and were not harmed at all, but that’s the science, so that’s the conclusion that we need to go with. Such outcomes may have discussed in the famous paper by Judith Reiner et al around 1999 which said that harm from molestation stemmed whether it was consensual or not.

Girls who went along with and agreed to it experienced short term or no harm at all. Those who were coerced (the majority) often experienced long term harm. Pedophiles have been using  this study to justify the molestation of children, which was to be expected. Nevertheless, the science is the science and we must support the truth in all cases, which by the way is an Alt Left position.

The fact that even many women who were harmed nevertheless enjoyed the sex is well-known and this is part of the therapy of the problem.

I knew one woman who was molested at age 8 and got over it. However she said the experience was confusing because it felt good but it was wrong.

Girls and later women wrestle with this internal contradiction. Many of those seriously harmed often experience extreme guilt over the fact that they felt pleasure in being molested. This is one of the main issues that needs to be addressed in  any therapy.

Any man who intends to molest a girl, regardless of the legality of the matter, ought to think of the consequences for the girl. That girl may well be harmed very long-term, for decades or maybe for life. In that sense it is like stealing from her, beating her up, or out and out raping her. Maybe you should think twice about that.

Besides, if you get caught, your life will be pretty much ruined. If you go to jail or prison, you will be in serious danger there and may well be attacked or possibly even killed. You will be on the Sex Offender List for the rest of your life with all the consequences that flow from that. I would say think about it.

This nonsense has been going on too long. Earlier we could plead innocence of cultural values, but now we know better.

The practice is widespread across cultures and is very common even in some primitive tribes in places like Australia and New Guinea. It was very common in ancient Rome and among the poor in  the West during the 18th and  19th centuries when it was associated with crowded conditions. Even today in India, 5

My own position is that we men have been having sex with those little girls forever now. Isn’t about time that we knocked it off! It’s a human rights issue.

Some women who were molested as girls found the experience positive. Not only were they not harmed but they claimed it was positive and beneficial.

I know it goes against everything you heard, but it’s true.

Some molesters are simply extreme libertines or trysexuals. They have no particular interest in kids and instead are just the types who “try anything” sexually.

I have talked to a couple of women who were raised in “loving families.”

I talked to one who spent half the year in Hong Kong and the other half in the Caribbean and started having sex with her mother and stepfather at age 6. This continued all through teenage years when she was known as the blow job queen at the local junior high (White boys only).

She was a Black woman with a White man fetish, as her stepfather was White, and her Mom was Black. She continued to have sex with her stepfather and maybe Mom to this very day. These “pedo families” are fairly common. It was all a big secret, and she didn’t want to give me too much information, as she was worried I might go to the police and get the mother and stepfather in trouble.

I also talked to an 18 year old girl from the US Northeast who was in one of these families. I guess it was the cousins and the uncles or just the males in the family. They started having sex with her at age 8. She had two sisters, one 14 and another…I forget…9? Both of the girls were also having sex with each other and with the males. It  was all a big secret. I am not sure if any of these men were actual pedophiles or not.

I talked to a British woman age 24 who started getting molested by her uncle at age 9. They apparently “trained” her to be a total slut. From age 13-on she regularly had sex with the uncle and his older man friends, including gangbangs with groups of these older men. She told me about one gangbang when she was 13. They made her recite some line from “Harry Potter” when they came on her.

At some point she got really fucked up about all this as is typical, but then she decided that if this happened, I may as well make the best of it and learn to enjoy it and label it is a positive experience.

She now had a serious older man fetish, and she regularly has sex with older men in hotel rooms, etc. Other than that, her sexual interests were pretty normal.

These older men who had sex with her as a teen took a ton of photos and videos of her getting gangbanged and whatnot. She admitted that it would turn her on to see this stuff and she had been asking around the underground community to try to find the videos of herself, if they ever got distributed that is.

She said people had sent her a bunch of teenage girl CP, and she had looked at it but didn’t find any of herself. She wasn’t really worried about getting caught.

She called me “Mister” and had sort of a strange robotic, emotionless way about her. I saw her pic and she is really hot. Apparently neither her uncle nor the other older men were pedophiles.

I met another woman about 40 who had grown up in one of these “sex families,” and she thought it was a very positive experience. Her father had started having sex with her at age 5. Her sexual interests were pretty normal. Her father was apparently not a pedophile.

I met an 18 year old girl college student from the Midwest who worked as a stripper. She was really nice but she didn’t talk all that much. Her uncle raped her when she was 12.

After that he turned her into some sort of a total sex slave. He trained her to deep throat, and she was also a toilet slave (yuck). She liked some one aspect the latter but not the other part of it.

He tied her to the bed all day when he was gone and put diapers on her if she pissed or shit when she was tied up. He also made her wear diapers when they went out. That’s all pretty gross to me, but she told me that now she had a serious diaper fetish as a result.

He also stuck a dildo her in mouth and taped it in, and she would have to have this thing in her throat all day. This was deep throat training. I asked her if she vomited but she said if that thing is in your throat you can’t puke, which is probably correct. This was all to train her to deep throat.

He also made her have sex with another 12 year old girl at age 12. I asked her why she continued this abusive activity for years, and she said she felt she did not have a choice, and she thought he owned her, which I guess is what he told her.

The uncle also took a ton of photos and film. He got caught when she was 17, and after a trial was sentenced to a long prison term. I asked her what she thought of that, and she had no opinion. All of the photos and videos were confiscated, and there was a ton of it.

Mom was a severe alcoholic and the girl had a lock on her door as a teenage girl to keep the raging mother from coming in and beating her. I guess the mother either allowed the sex with the uncle to happen or she was too wasted to care. The uncle was not a pedophile at all, as he started having sex with her at age 12 and continued til age 17.

She was a total submissive into perverted, abusive sex involving degradation, humiliation, etc. She wanted to be dominated or dommed big-time. I actually liked her and thought she was a good person. She was vaguely bisexual but mostly into men.

I met another who was as Berber woman from Northeastern Mali. Her Dad had started having sex with her at age 9. She and her father were in love. She was 23 years old now and still having sex with the father.

The father pimped her out as a prostitute, and this is what she did all day – got fucked by men. She was into some sort of male worship and said she was put on this Earth to serve and be a slave to men, and she didn’t want any pleasure herself. She was also heavy into degrading sex – the more degrading, the better.

She had sex with women but considered herself straight because she got no pleasure from it. Some of the johns would bring in a girl or a woman and pay for a lesbian show. She told me that she had been “cut” via genital mutilation, and she said all the girls there got cut this way.

I argued that this was bad, and she was very defensive of it and thought it was great because she thought females should just be slaves to and serve men and not get any pleasure themselves.

She was a rather curt and unfriendly person with a list of 100 rules about stuff you could not talk to her about or what sort of tone you had to have with her. She was pretty arrogant about this and quit talking to me after I complained. She was bitchy, difficult, curt, short, and in a chronically annoyed mood.

She thought she was better than other people – she had some narcissism. She got a college education in London and then went back to Mali. She said it was a difficult neighborhood around there with Al Qaeda Islamist types out and about.

She most of these people were apolitical. There were all sorts of warlords and organized crime/smuggler types who were in the area, and these Al Qaeda guys were just another group of gangsters and warlords and really had no particular political or even religious philosophy. Her father was not a pedophile.

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10 thoughts on “NSFW: Some Women Actually Enjoyed Getting Molested As Girls”

    1. Yes conditions were very crowded in the early Industrial Era in the West and whole families were crammed into small spaces. There was epidemic molestation of children, I suppose mostly girls. Probably a majority of the women coming out of these situations had been molested. It was almost a normal thing.

  1. As a rule of thumb – it’s never a good idea to expose sex to minors – whether they like it or not; it can transform into something monstrous. I mean, you can get people on a path of drug abuse etc.. and they can have a huge chip on their shoulder against you, maybe even harm or kill you (or phone the cops)!

    This isn’t SJW moral-fag-ness – but the facts.

    1. I agree. Keep the sex away from the kids. And we need to quit molesting the little girls. The gay men who molest boys are mostly pedophiles and not much can be done about them.

      But 80% of the men who molest girls are not pedophiles at all. Their sexual interests are the same as yours or mine. They’re just criminals with elevated psychopathy who have low empathy and prey on little girls simply because the girls are vulnerable and easy targets. They don’t have an excuse. They are not driven to do these things. They’re just choosing to molest girls because they are criminal scumbags.

      Yeah, I wouldn’t molest a little girl on the off chance that she might like it. Was it wrong for these men to molest these girls even though the girls liked it? Yes. It doesn’t matter whether the girls like it or not. We can’t be doing stuff like that because society says we don’t want to be living in a place where adults are fiddling the kiddies.

      If she likes it I don’t see why she would become a drug addict. I also do not see why she would want to get back at you. I mean she liked it, right?

      One thing I did notice among a lot of the women who got molested as girls and liked it is that a lot of them turned into extreme nymphos. Also they develop a serious older man fetish. And some of them like abusive, degrading sex. It depends on what the molestation was like.

      But basically molesting girls whether they like or not seems to turn them into nymphos, often promiscuous nymphos. You can also get whore types. One of the girls in that post was working as a stripper.

  2. “Her father had started having sex with her at age 5. Her sexual interests were pretty normal. Her father was apparently not a pedophile.”

    Having sex your own 5 yo daughter and claiming to not be a pedophile is a hard sell.

    These men that molest their own daughters as children have judgement on the level of a dumb woman.

    A number of young women and girls have wanted me to spank and have sex with them and girls often want to be treated like shit, but men shouldn’t give in, especially if it’s their own daughter.

      1. Exactly. Children have no sex drive.

        Um, Jason, do you realize that little girls age 5+ actually have the capacity for orgasm? If her clit gets diddled enough, she has an actual orgasm. Little girls have no sex drive, but they have the capacity of arousal and orgasm.

        I have known a couple of women who told me that they started masturbating as young girls, one at age five and the other at age seven. The five year old was sticking pencils up her vagina. But she was being molested by a family member at this time and for years afterwards, so that probably set off her masturbation.

        I had no idea little girls could orgasm until I was reading on the Net. There was some forum where women were talking about this subject, and I was like, “What?”

        One woman wrote that when she was seven years old, she was riding on the back of the couch like it was a horse, just screwing around like kids do. She started noticing that it felt good, so she rode harder and harder. The harder she rode the better it felt. At some point she had a shattering orgasm that felt like an earthquake.

        She hollered out, “Mommy! What was that?” Mom came out, girl told her what she was doing and I guess Mom told her what happened. How you tell that to a little girl I have no idea. I have also heard stories of little girls who figure out how to direct the showerhead when they are in the bath so it shoots right at their clit until they have an orgasm. And yeah, they can get off that way.

        There are women who masturbate this way as adults also. You point that stream of water at your clit long enough, I guess you can get off.

    1. Pedophile: A man whose main, primary, or exclusive interest is in pre-pubertal children.

      If this guy had no particular preference for little girls and liked mature females just fine, he’s not a pedophile. He’s just a child molester. 80% of child molesters are non-pedophilic. There’s nothing wrong with them sexually or psychologically. They’re just criminals.

  3. I am a male and I had an experience with an adult woman when I was about 13. This was around 1983. I had a huge crush on this married 20 year old female college student. Her husband was 27. My mom worked in the business office of a local university, and I would go to the computer room to see the new “microcomputers.” This is where I met her. She was a TA in the computer lab.

    I “ran away” from home for one day/night, and she drove me to her apartment. Her husband was a programmer and took me to work with him on a Saturday. He had to do something and he set me up with a terminal connected to CompuServe, and I played with that while he worked. Later that night I was over at their apartment. They were playing cards with friends and gave me a stack of adult magazines to keep me busy.

    Later that night I was on the couch and she came down the stairs in a garter belt and a sexy teddy. She let me stick my finger in her. I still remember the warmth and ridges inside of her vagina. It was very hot but her husband was around, and that made me a bit uncomfortable. I was a virgin and remained one that day. I do wish I was “bigger” back then. I loved the experience.

    I do remember saying “Too bad this is illegal” to them both as I lay on their bed while a brand new song, Sexual Healing, by Marvin Gaye, played on the radio. I also remember Def Leppard’s Photograph and Eye of the Tiger having just come out around this time.

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