Submit to what authority?

We all have to submit to authority, and I’m not some person who demands Mr. Rogers or Bob Ross as the boss. I mean, I can handle a football coach or something.

However, the people in authority are often abusive. They’re preachy, holier-than-thou types like on Stormfront, or some SJW blog – something like that. It’s not enough for them to punish the heretic assuming the offender started it, but they have to rub it in, and they often humiliate even people who didn’t instigate a problem.

But anyway, authority is central for society to function, even if you hate normies and think they’re stupid. You might say you hate authority, but if you ran a organization or business or had kids, then sure enough, you’d become your parents!

But…overkill is necessary for war, so you got instructors like the one on Full Metal Jacket – but probably the one on Stripes was good enough. He was mean and tough only because Bill Murray clearly started it. Any verbal insult or punishment was something Bill Murray’s character started!!

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