Preachy People

Yeah,  and what a nightmare they are in your family. I mean, I’d rather have them confined to zoos like Stormfront where at least I can voyeur awhile without an unwanted attachment.

I mean, who are these people? Are they my mother? Are they a Marine drill sergeant?

But why are these people like this? Well, they think they’re idealists, and definitely idealism drives them, but they just can’t mind their own bee’s wax.

But on a deeper level, they’re often from families where the dad is a wimp (or absent), so they grew up as a wuss of sorts. I mean, wuss as in they’re insecure creeps who have to bully others constantly.

How irritating are these people? Well, best idea is to cut relations with them, though in their psycho ways, they will try to sweet-talk you back, and of course, they think anyone who doesn’t submit to their authority is a sissy opposed to authority and can’t handle the truth (the truth hurts). Well, what truth? The fact you’re a prick. Ha ha?

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