Vile Talk – Not Just from Stormfront

The site is full of a-moral abominations – often excused as being “free speech” – as though – their disgusting garbage is heroic un-PC literature! “Oh, your’re a square!” they might say – or “You’re politically correct!”. Hmm – and that’ supposed to bother me?

But, anyway, Hustler Magazine also used to be similar – though they champion cultural/economic liberalism. Well, you had the Chester the Molester articles for years. Now, this is some weird way – was supposed to be anti-child molestation – maybe rising attention to a real problem people ignore – but you know, a lot of people didn’t get it! Anyway, there were plenty of toons mocking Christianity as much as possible – with also the same motive. Of course, I remember the article where they discussed the “sexuality of mentally challenged people”.

Now, finally there was the article on hustler about rats gnawing at babies – due to the Reagan Administrations war on the poor.

But anyway, there’s no hidden moral lessons in the a-moral stuff from racist sites. It’s either government agents doing overkill WN impersonations – or true believer stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Vile Talk – Not Just from Stormfront”

  1. Years ago on YouTube I remember a guy saying conspiracy theories like what Alex Jones did were accepted, but anything bad about Jews was off limits.

    Now it seems censorship and outrage is less specific. If you’re against pedophilia you’re a hatemonger. Big bad Whitey is now just giving transkids mean stares for going to use the restroom in commercials.

    Robert’s old site was here for a long time before it was shut down only recently. Jones seems like a plant to make jumping in frog suits the new tinfoil hat. Everyone’s banned though now unless the machine owns you.

  2. I don’t understand the problem liberals have with Alex Jones – where they’d put him up there with racists. I mean, you can highly distrust the government and not be racist.

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