Alt Left: White Nationalists Are Fighting a War Against Time

Jason: So as I was saying, they’re constantly moaning about multiracialism (corrected), but they don’t get that the country IS multiracial. It’s not Jews trying to push something that isn’t already here.

Exactly. Damn you are on a roll tonight, Jason. You can’t push something that’s already here. Bingo.

These WN’s are literally fighting a war against Time. They are reactionaries in the true sense. They literally want to turn back to clock back to 1950’s America.

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15 thoughts on “Alt Left: White Nationalists Are Fighting a War Against Time”

  1. You can’t turn back the clock – without a massive middle finger of much of the population, some of it highly justified. I mean, WN nonsense has about as much math probability as people leaving the solar system. Is it no wonder The Turner Diaries is about an nuclear holocaust – before the new WN world?

    But what can be done? Well, the gay/trans stuff needs to be stopped – but people are getting fed up. They don’t want kids indoctrinated in it. I mean, it might even mean people pulling kids out of public schools.

    1. Yeah quit pushing the gay/trans bullshit, at least before high school for Chrissake. What year do kids get sex ed? Whatever year that is they can talk about these things, but no pushing kids into trannydom or homosexual behavior, which is exactly the purpose of brainwashing these little kids. Little kids have NO sex drive, none, zero, nada. They don’t need to be learning about sex. Teaching them about sex is about as weird as being a pedophile.

      1. At my old high school – a few years back – they were actually pushing for the startup of some “gay group for teens”. Yeah, like that’ something for East Tennessee, alright! But they had to in order to keep getting state funds, something like that.

        1. I am not completely opposed to this, as long as they are old enough to figure out their sexual orientation and they are truly biologically gay. I worked with a few clients – a 13 and 14 year old girl, one lesbian, one bisexual and a 15 year old boy who was clearly gay.

          The girls had their sexuality figured out, but the boy was still in denial and I had to tell him that he was gay, he would never be straight, and just be happy with it. The girls seemed genuine and biological too. One looked like a boy and the other was pretty boyish.

          They have Gay/Straight Alliances at some schools and I am not against this. The Alt Left does not oppose these. We are not ecstatic about them, but we won’t oppose it.

    2. I mean, WN nonsense has about as much math probability as people leaving the solar system. Is it no wonder The Turner Diaries is about an nuclear holocaust – before the new WN world?

      Damn, Jason, are you on a roll today or what? I swear you get smarter every day on here.

      They know it’s irrational, too. A lot of them cling to hopes. It’s “idiotic optimism” and most humans actually have this trait. It’s probably biological. We are wired up to be irrationally optimistic.

      One guy told me he thought Whites could convince all the non-Whites that it would be better if they separated from Whites, like the non-Whites don’t want to live with us Whites either. I laughed at him.

      But sometimes I wonder if some SJW’s don’t hate us so much that would want a White-free state. Tell you what. You non-Whites go ahead and chop off a small useless part of this country and go make your non-White state. I hope you like living in a 3rd World country and being ruled over by Chinese people! I tell you, you non-Whites will all call White rule again after being ruled by Chinese.

      They refuse to poll White nationalism either. I asked them and they kept telling me that they thought most Whites supported the White state and that any poll would show just this. They told me it never gets polled because it has majority support, and the (((ruling class))) doesn’t want anyone to know this.

      I told them Whites were down to 50%, and they just said we will get 90% of Whites to agree with us and secede. They’re totally irrational.

      I mean, WN nonsense has about as much math probability as people leaving the solar system. Is it no wonder The Turner Diaries is about an nuclear holocaust – before the new WN world?

      Bingo Jason. This is great. You hit it on the head. That one guy finally confided in me that there was going to have be a war, a race war, a RAHOWA. Most of them are actually pining for their race war. Most of their fiction is about this war. They say it’s going to be bloody, but the Whites will easily win because we are superior.

      They are actually looking forward to this because they know deep down inside that the only way their White state bullshit is going to happen is with a bloody race wars. They’re sick fucks.

      1. A lot of whites are in a white state anyway. They’re living in these lilly white suburbs – some so white – that the graduating high school classes seem to have literally no minorities.

        But this seems to be a phenomenon only near highly black areas – like Knoxville. Most of East Tennessee has so few minorities that they aren’t much a problem – or threat.

        1. Nah there are communities right here in the Sierra foothills in California that are all White. I lived in one for 20 years.

          1. Despite living in all white areas – some totally White and others somewhat White – they’re bitching a lot about having to pay for minorities (taxes etc..). Some of this is understandable – even from a Leftist perspective. Unless the “Black-a-block” thing you were speaking of is implemented, money is just thrown toward “minority reservations” – kind of like Indian reservations, a sort of ghetto.

          2. Damn Jason you are on a roll tonight. Did someone snatch your body. That’s just perfect. In a sense these Black inner city ghettos are indeed “Indian reservations for Blacks.”

            A lot of WN’s live in all-White or mostly-White areas. In fact the typical WN lives in exactly this type of neighborhood. If they never even see a non-White person, why the Hell do they hate non-Whites so much? They never see a Black person and they can’t stop bitching and complaining about them. That’s weird. Why do they want or need a White state? Most of them are already living in one de facto.

  2. I used to be a member of Stormfront way back in 2007-08. I once sent a private message to David Duke, ex-KKK and among the highest tiers of members on that site. Surprisingly, he took the time to send me a lengthy reply. He was very polite and explained his political position in such a reasonable way that boy, even I was impressed.

    He also told me: “you must be among the highest category of high caste Hindus, a member of the honorary Aryan race. I admire those people.”

    Duke wanted me to buy his books and DVDs. A very typical businessman. Duke and Don Black (Stormfront owner) have a weird relationship; it’s either Don Black fucking Duke’s wife or vice versa. One of them is a cuck for sure.

    Also, Don Black isn’t really a racist or even a White Nationalist per se. He’s just a businessman that keeps guilt-tripping Stormfront members to spare more change so that he can keep the servers up and running. It would appear that Stormfront’s servers must be made of gold because even Amazon’s servers don’t cost that much. Black claims it’s to protect the site from DDoS attacks.

    At least, RL is honest that his blog has to be supported to help with his financial situation which is a noble way….ask for help. Speaking of that, I will probably send something along your way next month or so.

    Still, I think you can take tips from Herr Don Black. Attract more WN types on this blog and you’ll see your subscriptions rise up instantly. All you have to do is abuse Muslims, blacks, immigrants, women…and….nyah, I’m just kidding. I don’t think you’re the sort that can sell his soul for money.

    At least, 80 percent of Stormfront’s WN posters used to be pikers who didn’t pay a damn cent. They only argued bitterly with Don Black and his flunkies on why “it’s such a rip off”. Much like TRASH I suppose. Some of them would have hissy fits over non-white posters comments and were probably on drugs while posting.

    Black would sometimes ban WN posters for failing to cough up. He never banned non-white posters even once and got along excellently with us. He once privated me to report to him if any WN poster was being abusive.

    And abusive they were. I think I probably interacted with at least half a dozen extremely sick WN nutcases on the site who went on to commit horrific hate crimes crimes in the real world.

    The Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik was the most famous one among Stormfront users with a body count of 77. In the five years leading up to 2014, Stormfront members murdered nearly 100 people. I might have interacted with Breivik or he might have replied to one of my comments. Can’t remember now.

    There were very few women on the site and all of them were mentally ill, sadomasochistic, psychopathic types. I never got along with any of them.

    Having said this, there were just a handful of WN posters who were easy to get along with and acted perfectly normally.

    John Joy Tree – The main moderator. Many WN posters hated him as he always favored the Jews and non-black ethnic groups. Although he was an Englishman, they would call him “John Jew Tree”.

    SDY2501 or something like that – He’s an American. I think he must have left Stormfront by now and moved to Breitbart because he didn’t have a racist bone in his body.

    He was more sensitive about demographic changes in America. He knew how to argue his positions extremely well. I learned quite a bit about online debates from him. He’d never lose his temper or abuse non-white posters which was not only acceptable but actively encouraged by many Premium members.

    I once asked him why a perfectly sane person like him was still on that site. He answered: “It’s a cause after all. You don’t abandon your comrades just because they are shitbags. The cause is greater than us. Having said this, I trust you far more than I do all these meatheads”

    Some Stormfront posters would bitterly argue over Nordicism; they thought the Slav and Italian posters were subhumans and not a part of the white race.

    Stormfront certainly has come of age now. It has hundreds of thousands of members today. Fortunately, I long deleted my account. I don’t even visit that site by accident.

    1. I agree with your assessment that it’s a business. I live around modern Scandinavians and they seem so soft/gentle. The idea of them rising up and oppressing Meds is silly. Germans can Nazi and admire Nordics, Swedes seem to put up with more shit than anybody, and Norwegians I’ve met were more anti-NS than Jews.

      Meds actually look down on Nords more; this is more cultural than racial. Meds have both cultural perks and more insecurity (from modern times, not ancient). A lot of Meds may migrate to the Frankish North (North France, Belgium, Luxembourg) but laugh at the idea of going from their warm beaches to the icy barbarian North. I like and admire both groups, amazes me how much time has changed both.

    2. You can’t fully judge people online. I met what seemed to be a great racialist girl online, could easily have been a troll or a government agent. Perhaps most all women are crazy, my own mother is far better than most women but still crazier than most men.

      1. The stuff said on Stormfront is so outrageous and vile – it seems like it’s government agents trying to scare away possible recruits to the movement – and/or maybe they’re having a few beers laughing at themselves – and their mockery of WNs – lol.

        Case in point: This one thread on there about how only the white race has compassion for retards, other races just kill them. So an WN laughs and says, “Oh, I found a box of candy (planted poison)!” (impression of retard).) – something similar to that.

        However, a lot of WN stuff is obviously from true-believers and is as repulsive as anything from an “inside-job”.

        Well, the threads on there I saw were always mocking other races – even though a WN lie says “Separate but with respect”. Well, I guess I can’t blame them. It must be no-fun always having serious racialist threads, right?

  3. A lot of groups are not WNs – but they aren’t much different. I mean, the obsession with elitism is over-the-top. But that’s not saying I’m against standards – but only against the arrogant, vain-glory attitude.

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