Who Is This Man?

Who is this famous writer? Most photos of him are from later in life 20-40 years after this photo was taken when he looked quite different from this.

A very famous writer from the last century. This photo may have been taken around 1900 when he was at university. This was before he got famous. Although he did complete a rough copy of his first novel four years later in 1904, it was not published until it was fully fleshed out 12 years later in 1916. He died around 1940.

His output was spare – only a single book of short stories, two books of poems, one of which is barely known, and three novels, although two of those were very long. The poems and short stories were published first. Then the first novel was published to a stunned public. The second huge novel followed not long after and caused shocks around the world. The final novel, quite long but not as long as the second, was published nearly 20 years later to a largely baffled public.

His work got increasingly complex. His easiest fiction to read is his short short stories, but even they are often quite complex and hard to understand. The first novel is the easiest of the three to read, but many nevertheless find it daunting. The second novel is a monumental leap beyond the first and the third novel continues to baffle readers to this day.

The last novel, published around his death in 1940, was a huge project that he worded on for nearly two decades of his life. Nevertheless despite his small output he is regarded as one of the major authors of the 20th Century.

Who is this man? Where was he born? Name his books of poetry, his book of short stories and the three novels.

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7 thoughts on “Who Is This Man?”

    1. Good job! Thank you very much! It’s a bit harder to recognize him in those early photos because we are used to seeing from from 1920-1940, when he looked older.

      1. That piercing Irish glance is a giveaway. Narrows it down to Oscar Wilde, Liam O’Flaherty and this dude. 50/50 I would have gone with Liam.

        1. I guess I don’t even know why Liam O’Flaherty. Wilde was gay but I don’t care. I love Oscar Wilde! He understood women very well too. If you want to understand women, read Oscar Wilde. He liked women although he was gay, but a lot of gay men are like that. He was said to be very close to his mother.

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