Alt Left: The Real Left Versus the Fake Left

Eastern European Left versus Western Fake Left. Click to enlarge.

I am sorry, but the Western Left isn’t even really a Left at all. It’s a fake Left more than anything else. The real Left looks something like those guys at the top. Their main identity is things like “worker”, “father”, “husband”, you know, normal stuff like that.

They don’t have fake identities like “White”, “heterosexual”, “male”, or “cisgender.” Those are not the sort of real categories you build a real identity on. You build a true identity on the things mentioned in the first paragraph.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Real Left Versus the Fake Left”

  1. Well, I got nothing against art students (way more tolerant than Robert Lindsay), but the image of the Left shouldn’t be art students. This is why machismo is the “new thing for the American rightwing”. I mean, most normal guys – even though deep down they may not like it – will vote rightwing just to seem normal.

    1. Why all Lefties must be some species of fag or dyke in addition to being some species of gender nonbinary nonsense is something I will never understand. So what the Left is all about is being perverts, deviants, weirdos, and freaks, huh? Bullshit on that.

      Yes, there are sex perverts. There always have been. They are best when they are the quietest and most private. If they keep to themselves we need to leave them the Hell alone to enjoy their private sexual whateverness.

      Yes, of course there have always been weirdos. Once again, it’s best kept to yourself. Once again, they should be left alone if they keep it to themselves. You like to go home every night and dress up like a woman and jerk off? Well, good for you! You go home, close the door, and do just that. In the meantime though could you quit talking this bullshit. We are trying to like you, you know, and it gets hard when you are wearing your freak flag all the time.

      Why we need to jump up and down and scream that being deviant, perverted, weird, and freaky is the greatest thing since sliced bread is beyond me. What on God’s green Earth does that silliness have to with the project of the Left!?

    2. How much time have you spent around homosexual and bisexual men, Jason? How much time have you spent around lesbians? Have you ever known any tranny types. The former are pretty damned annoying, not to mention disturbing. I really don’t want to be around them. The latter are out and out weirdo freaks.

      Both of these types can do what they want, but I prefer to not be around all this openly sexualized weirdness personally.

    3. Why can’t there be a Redneck Left? Why can’t there be a Macho Left? Why can’t there be a Traditional Values Left?

      Right now on the Left if you are macho, redneck or seem like you have traditional values, you are regarded as weird at best and an evil bigot at worst.

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