Mixed Race Ads in the US Media

There seems to be a lot of them lately, and of course, White Nationalists don’t like it. However, the problem is that the US IS multicultural, and when you have a multicultural nation, people will mix. Telling them not to is unnatural and dumb. I mean, there are things like boys and girls bathrooms in the US, but seriously, segregation beyond that is abominable.

Now, when I say mix, I mean people will naturally mix in everywhere, including sexually, if there’s a multicultural nation. In fact, the US was a multi-thing even in the 50s to some extent. There were Blacks, but they weren’t represented in the mainstream media in proportion to how many that actually existed.

O.K., what’s the solution for WN’s? They have to quit blaming Cultural Marxism as if the norm in a multicultural nation isn’t for people to interact in every way and concentrate on making the US no longer multicultural (fat chance of that!) or on just leaving the country.

Where has apartheid been tried and failed?

We know it has in South Africa and the Southeast USA, but not because of Jews as WN’s say but because it’s simply an inhuman way of dealing with a multicultural nation. It’s doomed to destruction from the start.

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21 thoughts on “Mixed Race Ads in the US Media”

  1. Why do you use the word multicultural when you mean multiracial? Race is a product of nature; culture is a product of nurture. A place can be multicultural but totally White.

    Conversely, a place can be quite multiracial but monocultural. The US is multiracial and multicultural. If all the immigrants are assimilated, it will become more or less monocultural again, but it will remain multiracial. In race there is no assimilation.

  2. Jews need to take some responsibility, they say “every single time” when they discover Jews are involved for a reason. Blacks are an old hat though, I’ve been seeing more trannies in ads lately.

    1. I do not understand your comment, Roy.

      “Jews need to take some responsibility, they say “every single time” when they discover Jews are involved for a reason.”

      Trannies in ads? Good God. Well this is what the Alt Left is against.

      1. Why shouldn’t ads reflect the makeup of the actual population? Is this like in Mexico – where only whites are on TV? How is that democratic?

        1. Jews are to be pushing a lot of weird shit. Say a Gillette commercial seems against White males, one person names the Jew, and another goes “every single time.” Meaning “every single time it’s Jews.”

          1. It makes me wonder if it isn’t some inside-job WN thing. I mean, to get to rid of “all of it” why not enrage the population as much as possible? Are the Jews THAT retarded to think that much pushy ads will not backfire?

          2. Yeah they are. People are generally serious retards when it comes to acknowledging backlashes from their behavior. No one wants to see it. Sometimes I think humans are incapable of long-term thinking.

            Mostly it’s just denial. They really are pushing something undercover and skeezy, but they don’t want that revealed because when you uncover someone’s undercover scam, it might not work as well, as now their scam has been revealed.

            Works for most sane people. Doesn’t work for Americans though because Americans are some of the biggest fucktards on Earth. It helps if you have a US Establishment and a mass media thrives that deliberately pushes and participates in skeevy scams which they always deny have been uncovered even when they have been.

            Why do you think the media pushes this “conspiracy theory is insanity” shit? Because they engage in continuous sleazy, scammy, actual conspiracies, that’s why?

          3. LOL they’re not thinking about it that hard. Most people are somewhat simpleminded and they are not devious scheming scammers. Those Jews pushing Black-White relationship in ads just think they are doing God’s work. They really think that the way to better race relations in the US is Brazilianization.

            There was one Jew who was promoting racemixing in a hugely propagandistic way. Now I don’t mind racemixing. But this guy was openly propagandizing for it like it was the latest ice cream flavor or something. Of course, he was a Jew who would only ever marry another White Jew, but when have Jews ever been consistent?

            Of course this Brazilianization doesn’t apply to Jews, but hey, Jews are hypocrites if they are nothing else. Of course they can’t see their hypocrisy. Few people can.

            Jews want a multicultural country. They think that is safest for the Jews. One Jew said that once we get the White population below 50%, we can be sure that there will never be a neo-Nazi government in this country. The just want to make a safe environment for the Jews.

        2. Ideally of course. So 13% of ads should have a Black in them. What is it now? 50%? Screw that. So 2% of ads should have a gay in them? What is it now? 25%? Screw that. I guess that would be the Alt Left line. Obviously some sort of propagandizing is going on with all this wild over-representation. What’s the point? What’s really going on here?

          1. If you are running ads in a 50% Black city, put Blacks in half your ads! If you are running ads in 20% gay Frisco, put gays in 20% of your ads. I know SJW’s would scream and call me bigot if I said that, but fuck em. This would the be the Alt Left position, BTW.

  3. From the comments on here, you see White Nationalists – though denying it – really don’t like Black people! So as I was saying, they’re constantly moaning about multiracialism (corrected), but they don’t get that the country IS multiracial. It’s not Jews trying to push something that isn’t already here.

    Trannies and gays in ads? Well, that’s too far I think, the lack of objection is probably cause most Americans now are not traditionally religious.

    1. So as I was saying, they’re constantly moaning about multiracialism

      (corrected), but they don’t get that the country IS multiracial. It’s not Jews trying to push something that isn’t already here.

      Exactly. Damn you are on a roll tonight, Jason. You can’t push something that’s already here. Bingo.

      These WN’s are literally fighting a war against time. They are reactionaries in the true sense. They literally want to turn back to clock back to 1950’s America. Yesterday never comes again, and you can’t win a war against time.

      Reactionaries think clocks work backwards. They don’t. They move forwardness. The Marxists are right about history and Fukuyama is wrong. Clocks always move forwards and the march of history is about progress and forward action through time. And you probably can’t stop it.

      It might even be programmed in. Check out Hegel, “Observations on History.” If you can somehow make sense of him. If you can’t I don’t blame you! He talks about that a lot. He thinks that logic and progress are coded right into the system and if there is a God, that’s what it is. The human tendency will always be towards order and against disorder.

      But sicko fans of Entropy Theory like me will never be happy with that. Scum like me actually want things to fall apart, LOL.

      1. Things should fall apart enough for a reaction against trans, gays – and situations where movies, music etc.. are VERY dorky – and seem to be pushing a strong anti-racist agenda. Dorky as in extremely not natural.

        Well, a big problem is some areas are more representative of a “new America” than others. But times are even changing in Eastern Tennessee (my home) as it’s not uncommon to see mixed raced couples/mixed kids.

  4. For many, Blacks are easy to like in small doses. I’ve heard some pro-Whites say they miss Urkel dancing with a White girl-type propaganda. Older stuff was more subtle than transkids’ genital mutilation.

    1. Yeah, kind of like how whites liked Different Strokes. But I don’t think whites ever really hated black people – even in the 50s. However, I suppose the low-IQ thing (low IQ of blacks) in their minds justified – totally keeping them out of sight – during those days.

      Well, the opinion of southerners (in the US) was a big reason.


      Another major change came in 1952, when a freeze on broadcast TV licenses was lifted; many of the new stations were located in the South, where it was perceived viewers might not be as accepting of minority faces on television. Nadel said that if Desi Arnaz of “I Love Lucy” had “not been a light-skinned Latin, [the show] was a non-starter.”

    2. Older stuff was more subtle than transkids’ genital mutilation.

      No shit. I guess that would be the Alt Left position: Look the Urkel stuff was just fine whether it was propaganda or not. But propagandizing for the cult of transsexual genital mutilation of kids is just sick. The whole idea of Alt Left is like, “Look! Let’s draw the line somewhere for Chrissake!” The Cultural Left doesn’t believe in drawing the line anywhere. I guess they don’t even believe in lines period. Screw that.

      1. Where are the parents? Parents are probably the same. Well, some people might hate traditional religion – especially Lefties, but despite other silliness, it keeps society fairly sane.

  5. Exactly. This is why I do not mind traditional religions too much. At least they keep people acting pretty good. You get rid of it and you get Juggalos, gangsta rap, mass movements towards homosexuality, the Trans Cult, etc. At some point, societal degeneration is not that hip.

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