Alt Left: I Guess Gay Marriage Wasn’t Enough

All right, this is just stupid.

You knew the Cultural Left would never stop with just gay marriage, right? Of course you did. Well, here ya go. This woman wants to marry two guys at once because these three adults all live together and all fuck each other. The two men both fuck the women and both of the guys fuck each other too.

Both of those guys look pretty damn faggy even though they are apparently bisexual. I got some news for you: I’ve known quite a few bisexual men. Bisexual men are often pretty faggy. They’re a lot more effeminate than straight men but in general not as effeminate as gay men.  And some are just straight up full-on masculine.

Most of them are basically just straight guys with a mild interest in men that they indulge in on a lark or as a perversion or kink. A lot of others definitely lean gay. And there are quite a few young gay men, even in the Current Year, who continue to hide under a false “bisexual” label. I’ve worked with a couple of them as a counselor.

In addition, there do appear to be some men who are “pure bisexuals” with a strong interest in both men and women. They’re usually not all that faggy but they can be a bit “soft.” A lot of them are studs who rack up scores of female lays. Some have three figure lay counts. Sometimes I wonder if their bisexuality is just a byproduct of their general hypersexuality.

Anyway guys, you don’t want to hang around with bisexual men. Like gay men, they never leave you alone, never stop trying to fuck you, and never take no for an answer. They’re like the guys the #metoo women complain about who don’t understand the meaning of no.

What sort of a woman is actually turned on by faggy gay and bisexual men? I will never understand this.

The Alt Left is for liberals and Leftists who think the perverse situation above in addition to being nonsense is something that should never be legally (or I would argue socially) sanctioned.

We probably do not have a lot to worry about because long term menage a trois’ – either two men and one woman, or more commonly two women and one man – are notoriously unstable and tend to last only a short while before blowing up, often with a lot of drama. Our culture hasn’t perfected the Mormon or Arab polygamy style yet.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: I Guess Gay Marriage Wasn’t Enough”

  1. This woman wants to marry two guys at once because these three adults all live together and all fuck each other. The two men both fuck the women and both of the guys fuck each other too.

    It’s called a ménage à trois or going French. With a disturbing twist of course. The two fags fucking each other as well.

    The lady must be a real piece of work. I am sure she fucks straight men on the side.

  2. I have no idea where this stuff is popular, this talk. I mean, where I live, just uttering any liberal stuff gets you labeled “moralfag”.

    It must be a relief to live in a place where you can freely be this douche-baggish with no reprisal at all.

    1. I suppose that’s a nice way of looking at it. This sort of bullshit is what total freedom looks like, I suppose. One reason I think total freedom is a very bad idea.

      1. I often think racists are pushing non-white IP – because it creates a racist backlash that they (the racists) want. I mean, is there some kind of undercover operation going on?

        1. Nah, they’re not smart enough to do that LOL. You always think people are smarter or more scheming than they actually are. Trust me, people are not that smart. Most folks just have some pretty transparent motives right out there in the open for everyone to see.

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