Anti-Pedophilia as Normie Behavior

There’s a trend among racists and pedos to say a 1984ish conspiracy is trying to keep them from acting naturally, as in acting naturally racist and pedophile – YIKES. But – especially regarding pedophila – what’s the argument here? Society is supposed to accept the under-puberty sex fetish? Is this even an argument?

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7 thoughts on “Anti-Pedophilia as Normie Behavior”

  1. Many years ago, I spent time in Uzbekistan. I was in my 20’s and of course had a voracious sexual appetite. As soon as I landed on Uzbek soil, I was fucking the whores left, right, and center everyday. Many were from Central Asia or Russia.

    However, one disturbing encounter ruined the perfectly enjoyable time. I was walking down the old bazaars of Samarkhand, which is a medieval Islamic town with beautiful buildings and minarets. All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder, and it was a middle-aged woman with a very young girl who looked slightly petrified.

    The woman offered me that girl for a sexual encounter, claiming she was a virgin. I inquired about her age: she said the girl was only 12. I was temporarily turned on at the thought of making do with a girl that has just hit puberty.

    I asked her, “How much?” The woman wanted something in the range of $300. She also guaranteed a virginity check. That’s when I learned about the “two-finger test” or something like that, which is bogus science, actually. Back then, I wouldn’t know any better.

    I asked the woman if she was related to the girl, and it turns out she was her niece. I asked her why she wanted to sell her virginity like this, and she told me that the girl’s mother owed her money, so she was going to prostitute her daughter for a while.

    I felt a bit horny by now (and drunk) and agreed to take that girl, at least for a chat. I was young and earning well. $300 meant nothing at that point. I was fucking whores on the cheap in Uzbekistan for as low as $30 or even the price of a vodka. The girl only spoke Russian whereas the older woman could use a few broken English sentences.

    The woman then took me to a dingy restaurant. There she offered me to “feel the girl up” for as long as I wanted to, no extra charge. On her cue, I started touching and kissing the girl for maybe 1-2 minutes.

    But that’s when it suddenly struck me that I was dealing with a child. Remember I was only around 24, so the age difference wasn’t that great. Still, I was an adult and here I was in a foreign country about to buy sexual services from a 12-year old child.

    I knew back then it was morally wrong to do what I was trying. But I nevertheless felt a strong sexual attraction for the girl. I was aroused. But I decided to let my better senses prevail. I categorically told the older woman, “I am sorry. I won’t have sex with an underage child. I don’t think it’s right.” Instead I offered to buy them lunch. The girl opted for a chocolate ice-cream, and it looked like she hadn’t had something like that in a long time.

    I felt absolutely ashamed of what I was going to do just a few minutes ago and tried to act like a normal person with the girl. She kinda took a fancy to me, and we even took pictures together (the older pimp lady held the camera). The bitch kept insisting me to take the girl and said that she’s be ok with even $200. That’s a ridiculously low price for a virgin anywhere in the world. I felt a sense of emptiness in my heart.

    I gave them around $30-35 to leave me alone. The cold-hearted woman was not done. She said that even if I couldn’t take the child’s virginity, I was free to enjoy her right there for as long as I wanted. Or even take her to my hotel room for extra pleasure.

    This was in the middle of a restaurant with plenty of onlookers. Nobody gave a shit about an adult possibly accosting a child . Apparently this stuff happens a lot in that godforsaken country.

    It appeared to me that the Uzbeks just did not believe that it was wrong for older adults to have sexual intercourse with a child. I was wrong. Indeed, there are social organizations in modern Uzbekistan that fight human trafficking. I think in 2019 that kind of shit wouldn’t be tolerated anymore.

    I am really glad that I took the right decision that day and did not act on my worst impulses. That poor girl probably found a pedophile customer after I left, or maybe on another day. What kind of aunt would so cruel to make her niece suffer in this way?

    Needless to say, I’ll never go back to that shithole country again. I had another crazy encounter where I was nearly kidnapped by Al-Qaida type gun-toting militants. I left my hotel and they asked me to join them for a jeep ride, and I thought, Why not?. I suspected something fishy. The route was very different from what I was expecting. All of them were in high spirits.

    I tried to hide my fear by joking around a bit. The jeep stopped near a restaurant for a while. I jokingly punched one of those militants’ dicks, and told them I am going to pee. I told them, “I’ll be right back. Don’t you guys leave without me.” They were like: “Sure, friend. We’re waiting for you.”

    I went inside the restaurant. The owner had a scowl on his face. “Are you buying food? You don’t get to use the toilet for free, man.” I was like: “Yeah, give me a beer right now.” I bought the beer and went inside the toilet for a pee.

    I knew this was my chance. I just slid out the back door and fortunately, there was a taxi waiting right there. I immediately got the hell out of that street. Once I got back to my hotel, I did not even want to leave my room.

    My return flight was in two days, and I was suspicious of everyone: the waiters, cooks. I felt now anyone could drug or poison me. I survived on a bag of cookies and a few bottles of beer and did not eat anything else for two days.

    Once I was at the airport departure terminal, I told myself I’m never visiting this crazy godless shithole again. The people are all kooks.

    1. If you had a hostile government – a seemingly normal thing (normal for that part of the world) could be turned into a sex crime international scandal – and you could be in a Turkish prison or beheaded.

      Well, also if you back-stab gangsters (sex traffickers) it could. Also, really smart pimps could do this for extortion.

      I mean, sex tourists put themselves in hot water – similar to shark tank – and they aren’t even really aware of it!

      1. I know it sucks. But, to think of it, you LEARN so much about the human condition as a sex tourist.

        Whores can teach you some real life lessons in hustling. They often have an advanced bullshit detector and superior instincts.

        I think if I ever get married, I will rescue at least one whore from the world’s oldest profession. I generally find them more loyal and grateful than the privileged bitches.

        Maybe I saw Pretty Woman too many times.

        1. I think you are going to regret that. I have had terrible experiences so far with ex-whores, wannabe whores, and even coke whores, who aren’t even really whores, just transactional sex types. Basically they all stole money from me. Yeah, they were all Black but I’m not sure if the non-Black quasi-whores don’t steal just as much as the Black whores. In Thailand they say never even marry an EX-bar girl.

          As my Mom says, you can take the girl out of the whorehouse, but you can’t take the whorehouse out of the girl. If anyone wishes to chime in about dating or marrying an ex-whore or even a coke whore, I am all ears.

          Whores are thieves, bottom line. And 45% of whores are diagnosed psychopaths. Shitty women.

          1. Basically they all stole money from me. Yeah, they were all Black but I’m not sure if the non-Black quasi-whores don’t steal just as much as the Black whores. In Thailand they say never even marry an EX-bar girl.

            I don’t know, man. I love Russian whores. I usually find them very honest. They won’t touch your wallet or any valuables you’re carrying. If they agreed to a certain amount in advance, they will HONOR the deal. So, if you go for a long-term thing, you can bet your bottom dollar they will not skin you alive.

            They help you save money, so if I took a Russian whore to a cafe or bar, she would order the cheapest drink. She tries to help you as much as possible so you can spend more money on her rather than wasting it. They hate wastefulness.

            I am sure USA whores are different and that’s why you’re warier. They probably order a champagne or whatever is the most expensive drink because they’ve a princess mentality. You are required to spoil them or something, that is why they might expect you to carry credit cards.

            I have certainly met those types (not American). Had my share of bad experiences. The bad whores I met have been from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, and Romania. I think these cultures promote greediness among women. They took every cent in my pocket before kicking me to the kerb.

            I am telling you, man. Russian whores from Russia are a league of their own. I’m sure there are bad apples but it’s just that I never found one. They almost never expect tips but you can give a symbolic gift. A cheap teddy bear or even a box of candies is received with gratitude.

            Russian girls are professional, dignified, maintain good hygiene — absolutely wonderful ladies in every aspect. I also find them generally kind-hearted, and they don’t swear or use cuss words. I am telling you, they’re the sweetest whores in the planet.

            I can now imagine RL’s happy Playboy self in a soapy bath tub filled with gorgeous Russian babes.

    2. An Asian confessed the pedo market in Asia is because Asian men like very young girls. Mestizo Mexicans have told me they only like very young looking White girls. An African-American told me he was a rapist because he loves the surprised look on their White faces.

      Europe has a History of marrying young but this has changed in modern times. White Western American men are the only ones I’ve met on the ” she looks too young for me” tip. A small group of White Americans are even “old milfs only” types. The biggest White pedos I’ve seen are wiggers and mentally handicapped in some way. Seems as though the New Europeans are the leaders of anti-pedo culture.

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