Why Shouldn’t I Hate White IP?

Along with Black IP,  it’s very annoying shit mostly pumped out by weed smoking nut-balls, unfortunately often guys I knew back in high school.

But like Black IP, it’s more “talking about politics” whiny blame-game stuff. In fact, it’s just as whiny as what other races put out. The fact you talk about race is pretty fucking whiny right off the bat, even though White IP is obsessed with saying other races are whiny. They’re projecting. Do you get what I mean?

The only truly progressive White guys are simply not talking about IP. They’re busy improving their lives in an apolitical fashion. As the commentator Trash once said (sort of) – “Nobody forced these guys into their current life situation, but they want to bitch about it 24/7.”.

In another case you see highly successful White guys who still bitch, but they have no reason to – they just have an OCD problem. The best response is: “Shut the fuck up, OCD person!”. 😆

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One thought on “Why Shouldn’t I Hate White IP?”

  1. French and English are known to complain/bitch, other Europeans are not. Trash abandoned ship for the same reasons Whites complain. I watched a documentary on German neo-nazis and a reporter just told a person he just met that he was an inbred who wanted to fuck his sister. I don’t believe Germans have ever had a large scale problem with inbreeding. There’s a tendency for people to hurl petty insults/ labels on those they disagree with.

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