Portrait of a Sex Fetish – Black Women Who Are “White Men Only”

Jason: Apolitical people are a lot cooler but there is so much pressure to be political or you get regarded as a sort of “Uncle Tom of your group”.

Well, I’d like to be friends with more people on social media, but there’s just too much Identity Politics on their timelines (White Redneck, Black, Gay – whatever).

Sure. I’m not against gay rights. I am a strong supporter of gay rights. I’m against Gay IP, a toxic monstrosity. I am not against Black rights. I am against Black IP! Incidentally, Blacks who are deep into Black IP, which is a vast

On the contrary I have encountered a number of Blacks, mostly Black women, who are “White lovers.” A lot of these Black women are into a sex fetish called “White Men Only” or “White Cock Only.” It is an actual fetish or movement with a lot of memes of Black women saying they only want White men and telling Black guys to get lost. I don’t imagine Black men like that very much, but I am not a Black guy.

And all of these women who absolutely love Whites, especially White men, seem to be very happy people. And their behavior is pretty good.

They do not act bad in that typical Black Underclass or Ghetto Culture way. I assume they don’t because most Whites simply will not put up with the constant bullshit you have to deal with in people from that culture.

Some of the women into this White Men Only fetish are still more or less ghetto in a lot of ways. I saw the porn blogs of two young Black women into this fetish who were pretty ghetto. They were both in their early 20’s, and each had a kid already with no man in sight, which is a typical outcome for young women in this culture.

Nevertheless, I thought they acted pretty good for ghetto type women. They didn’t seem dangerous. They didn’t even seem thieving. I felt that if these women had not been into White Men Only, they would have been acting a lot worse. In other words, going White Men Only dramatically improved the behavior of these women.

After I encountered a lot of these White Men Only women, I happened across some Tumblr non-porn blogs of Blacks who were deep into Black IP, which is pretty much the majority of them nowadays.

They didn’t seem very happy. They were all about racism against Blacks, and some were very involved in Black local politics. You can be angry and happy, but these people did not seem like that. Instead they seemed somewhat miserable and pissed off. They were not having a good one.

Now in contrast the White Men Only Black women never say one word about White racism or racism against Blacks at all. No doubt they are effected by it, but they are simply not concerned about such things.

Now according to Black IP most of us Whites are pretty much flat evil and are behind this mysterious nebulous systemic or structural racism against Blacks, and that’s when we are not out and out nigger haters of varying intensities.

Well, if that were true wouldn’t these White Men Only Black women be experiencing a lot of racism, certainly systemic racism, from the White men they are dating? I mean those White men probably treat them bad right, since most Whites really hate Blacks?

Instead they are very happy and say that White people treat them great. In fact many of these women actually look up to Whites as role models for themselves and their race. The fact that these White Men Only Black women experience mostly nothing but pleasantness and kindness from Whites and deal with little racism makes one wonder just how racist White people really are.

Which lets us in on a dirty little secret of Black-White relations. Guess what, Black people? If you like us we treat you a whole lot better! Amazing, isn’t it?  You know, just like for most human contacts? If you act like you don’t like us Whites, we are not very nice to you.

A recent survey showed that 3

My conclusion is that Black IP is from the very start based on a false premise about White people that most Whites hate Blacks and we are out to do them wrong.

They also blame all of the sadly considerable failures and discrepancies of the Black race on this all-present racism. Well that’s a convenient excuse for Blacks, isn’t it?

How many times have you ever seen someone screwing up and then insisting it wasn’t their fault, they did nothing wrong and instead it was someone else’s fault and they are just a victim of this other person?

It’s a convenient out and this is probably why humans seem to love being victims. Being a victim gives you an out. You no longer have responsibility for your behavior, and in fact you lack agency altogether due to your victimhood. You are simply at the mercy of the evil oppressors who will do with you what they will.


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10 thoughts on “Portrait of a Sex Fetish – Black Women Who Are “White Men Only””

  1. As I said in the other article, an improved environment along with genetics makes things better for Blacks, but both have to be improved to help things in the long run.

    Yes, Black women can be vicious if you get on their bad side – even if as a mistake. Make sure you have no serious image problem before getting involved.

    A recent survey showed that 31% of Whites could be described as anti-Black racists. That figure does not surprise me. It’s probably out of three of us. But look at the opposite figure. 70% of us Whites are not particularly racist against Blacks at all. That’s most of us. Some would describe that as “the vast majority of Whites are not all that racist towards Blacks.”

    My conclusion is that Black IP is from the very start based on a false premise about White people that most Whites hate Blacks and we are out to do them wrong.

    Racist Blacks, Whites, whoever – often have had little contact with other races, or the contact was very negative. These people aren’t very open-minded, as opposed to types willing to talk, be friends with, be romantic friends with other races.

    Anyway, using Southern White women as an example – many were installed with snobbishness growing up, done purposely to keep Blacks out of the family.

  2. Asian womens preference for White men is a product of their high intelligence. More Asian women are intelligent, so more Asian women prefer White men. White man + black woman has such a high success rate, going White is the smarter choice. White women get the added pleasure of giving birth to a White male.

  3. Just because they “seem happy” doesn’t mean that they are or that its functional for most people. Since most Blacks are IPers, they are generally just somewhat average Blacks, and it is obviously that their disposition got them into politics and not the other way.

    Survivorship bias.

    Its obvious that these Black fetishists are illogical (and if they are logical, they’re stupid), amoral cock-sucking psychos with no fidelity. Though perhaps that isn’t uncommon amongst African Americans.

    Racemixing is obviously the product of Satanic death cults and generalized evil. But is racemixing a crime? Sometimes (often, especially when Black and White males are involved), but in most cases the guilt is so broadly spread amongst society that it’s more like a tragedy.

    There’s nothing wrong about mixed race people genetically compared to other non-Whites – it’s just that they don’t fit the social constructs that seem (potentially) important for contemporary populations.

    A large proportion of Black women (mostly those exposed to Western culture) are more than open to date White men but can’t because of racism. And that’s great for Black males! Sexual discrimination against Black women is one of the few ways that Black African American men benefit from American culture.

    Institutional racism is obviously real, but it is subtle yet also hardcore and complex in a way that is threatening to evil authority and hard for normies to get. For instance, White peoples distrust of Blacks and the Poor make them dissuaded from supporting universal healthcare, so via racism some large corporations can earn hundreds of billions a year.

    And that’s just the surface. Institutional racism isn’t mutually inclusive with SJW beliefs. Sometimes we have Whites getting extorted. In the healthcare point I mentioned, you see that corporations, for instance, extort a lot of cash from Whites.

    People lie in or misinterpret polls often.

    1. There’s no solution for Black problems except race-mixing. The only other solution – which WN’s won’t admit – is genocide. But WN’s don’t like race-mixing because they’re snobs. They want to have nothing to do with Blacks, etc…even the highly civilized ones.

      Is this a crime or a tragedy?

      Crime? It’s a subjective opinion. It’s like people calling other people ugly.

      Tragedy? That’s interesting because it’s not a tragedy for Blacks but rather their liberation!

      Amoral cocksucker? It’s only natural selection.

      1. Can someone tell me what the hell is this acronym, IP? Black IP, White IP whatever. I can’t find an answer on Google.

        1. Haha! Identity Politics. I get tired of typing out the whole thing over and over. You know what Identity Politics is, correct?

          1. Cool…I thought all you Yanks were talking in code word.

            Yes, I know identity politics. I am living it in my daily life. Have come a long way from being brainwashed by Hindutvadi culture to my present condition when I see all human beings as equal. I don’t believe in caste anymore. I think it was a very difficult transition for me. But, I am glad to have evolved.

            Your blog helped me great bit overcoming my past stupid ideas of cultural supremacy. When I look back compared to my posts, I feel like I used to be a Neanderthal.

          2. Wow that’s really incredible! I actually effected a positive change in another human being! Yay! I figured there was some worthwhile thing I was doing here…maybe this is it…changing humans, one person at a time.

    2. “I know Satanic people often promote a certain type of mixing in the media.”

      How is racemixing satanic though?

      1. How can there not be mixing – if minorities constitute a large amount of the population? Now this statement Thinking Mouse said would make sense in Japan – not the US.

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