Black IP Loonies

They’re as bad as the white rednecks. Post after post on dumb Black achievements. Well, that’s great – Blacks achieved something, but get a clue! What’s with the obsession? Also the occasional moralfag reminder of some lynching 50 or 100 years ago – YUCK.

This nonsense only stirs up White IP. It produces no positive help to Blacks.

But as mentioned in comments on Robert’s articles, this stuff originates with Blacks or whatever group who have never had real integration with White people or for that matter whites who have no integration with other races.

Now those Black women into White guys are certainly the polar opposite, but they seen by other Blacks as being the same as what is known among Whites as “White Uncle Toms”. Now White Uncles Toms and maybe even these “White-loving Black women” can be assholes – some of them. That would be a good article, but I think most of them are probably cool people.

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