Alt Left: All [Hetero]Sex Is Harmful – Janice Fiamengo

Janice Fiamengo, a fantastic anti-feminist Youtuber, doing a great episode on #metoo culture and its roots in radical feminism.

I had started down that road in my thinking in that I recognized that the whole theory of sexual harassment was dreamed up by two evil feminist bitches mentioned in this video – Katharine McKinnon and Andrea Dworkin.

Dworkin was a fat, ugly Jewish dyke, but McKinnon has always been an attractive or even hot straight women, an extreme manhater nevertheless. What do these women do for sex anyway if they hate men so much? Invest in nice dildos?

The original sexual harassment was all about the workplace only, and it focused only on quid pro quo harassment, which actually made sense. Later, Dworkin and McKinnon brilliantly tied “hostile workplace” theory on to the original theory, and now we have a still workplace-dominated civil law with two prongs – “quid pro quo” and “hostile workplace.”

By throwing in hostile workplace these two bitches opened up a can of worms that is still overflowing at the top in the Current Year. And the #metoo thing went right back to McKinnon and Dworkin, two near-psychotic manhating bitches, and the hostile workplace theory that they concocted.

So I knew that the roots of #metoo were deep in radical feminist manhating dyke theory, and I thought it was important to point out that this was the foul seed from which this diseased vine sprouted and continues to wind its way across our land, with the infestation only getting worse as time goes by.

But Fiamengo takes my idea and goes much further with it into some very new interesting places along the same lines. She also points out some recent developments in #metoo theory which bode very ill for the future in that they are predicated on extending #metoo and rape theory into some very dystopian places.

Great stuff!

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One thought on “Alt Left: All [Hetero]Sex Is Harmful – Janice Fiamengo”

  1. I don’t know where to comment this, so I’ll do it here:

    What do you think about the faggy/edgy/emo idea that human life entails a sort of need to exploit or harm other conscious beings that have some status, directly or indirectly, as perhaps a necessity, like bullying kinda?

    It’s not a firm or concrete idea for me, and it might be a illusion I have, so it’s hard to ask you what I mean, but maybe you get it. That’s also part of why it’s interesting, aside from the consequences of the knowledge.

    If you get it, please lay a comment on it, on why it’s like this. Or if there are similar corollaries, please tell. It’s something several neurotic mass murdering youngsters the incel shooters or whatnot talk about.

    And it’s something I’ve felt intuitively for a while. What the worth of anything if you’re not special kinda, but in a sadistic way? Maybe this is a need only some feel (from a cruel upbringing maybe) and extrapolate it to others. Or is it our limited-resourced world turning us or some of us crazy?

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