Alt Left: The Truth Is That Even Women Would Rather Be Ruled by Men

Everywhere on Earth you allow women to take power, they will always, without fail, impose Female Rule or Feminist Rule.

I don’t just blame women for this. This is simply the way that women and naturally and normally are. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Just as women will always impose Female Rule without fail, likewise, everywhere on Earth, it will be the same catastrophic clusterfuck of chaos and drama, which are the handmaidens of the Feminine Spirit.

So women think like women and that happens to be messed up in some ways, but under Patriarchy, men maintained enough control over women to keep women out of power. There was a recognition that women in power would impose female mores and that this would royally screw up everything, which is exactly what it does.

So patriarchy saved men from women’s nonsense and it saved women from themselves because…get this…even women, deep down inside, do not want to live under the constant drama, turmoil, chaos and irrationality of a culture of rules and laws that are based on people’s feelings (Female Rule) instead of logic, reason, and sense (Male Rule).

Even women hate Female Rule or Feminist Rule, but they are too dense to do anything about it.

I think most women just assume we men will at some point say we’ve had enough of the idiocy of Female Rule and simply take back power. Women will scream and yell and carry on like the grown up children they are, but deep down inside, I think most of them will welcome the an order and reason based society instead of one based on the violent mood swings of women.


Women secretly want us men to save them from themselves because they know deep down inside that there are a lot of things that are simply better done by a man.

The problem is that under Female Rule you start to get all these rules, laws and mores that have pretty much no definition whatsoever. Or no reasonable definition. Often the definition, if interpreted rationally, makes no sense at all and is simply an insane rule, law, or more.

More and more of society starts being taken over by, “How does it make women feel?” Under Female Rule, if a man makes a woman feel bad, he is arrested or punished outside of the penal system, for instance by firing.

The definitions of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Rape if read by the pure intent of their words themselves would outlaw all flirting, dating and probably most sex.

Most flirting would be considered harassment (and it currently is), most dating would be considered sexual assault (this is the current status of dating) and quite a bit of regular sex would go over to rape.

Flirting would be harassment if it made a women feel bad.

Touching would be sexual assault if it made a woman feel bad.

And of course any sex that made a woman feel bad would obviously be rape. Katharine McKinnon, of the most vicious manhaters of the 20th Century, has actually stated that any time a woman has sex when she doesn’t want to, it’s rape. And she and her lunatic ilk have actually tried to put codes and even laws along more or these lines in effect.

Well, if it’s rape every time she does it but she doesn’t want to, you just made about half of marital sex rape.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Truth Is That Even Women Would Rather Be Ruled by Men”

  1. I would slightly disagree. Yes, most women that I meet lack initiative and determination. They will not step out of the comfort zone and brave the odds.

    But, then there are strong exceptions.

    MARGARET THATCHER – She had bigger balls than her entire male cabinet and was probably as ruthless as Winston Churchill. The Argentinians never dared to fuck with the Falklands again.

    INDIRA GANDHI – She was ballsy enough to launch Operation Blue Star on the separatist Sikhs. What the Indian armed forces did might be a crime against humanity and Indira Gandhi ultimately paid the price with her assassination. Still she was probably as ruthless if not more than Thatcher. Both were best friends to each other. “You go, girl. Let’s kick all the chauvinists together.”

    I don’t think anyone in their right men would want to mess with AK-47 wielding Sikh separatists.

    Both were perfectly straight so none of that lesbian theory.

    There are many more examples of Alpha women. But, it’s just that men will never be attracted to them. I’ve met my fair share of Alpha women, I think they “act” slightly submissive for sexual attention because they don’t want you to run away.

    Personally I can’t handle an Alpha girl but I don’t mind a strong-willed and opinionated woman.

    1. Yes, most women that I meet lack initiative and determination. They will not step out of the comfort zone and brave the odds.

      Actually I am not making that case at all. I have no opinion on women’s initiative, determination and desire to brave the odds. I think society has plenty of all of that, and there are a lot of women who have those qualities. I never really think of women as lacking in those terms.

      Yeah, I wasn’t talking about Alpha Women at all. I guess that is a subject of another post. I suppose I don’t have much of an opinion about them one way or the either. I never really think about them.

      1. I should’ve used a stronger word: ball busters because that’s what they are.

        My point was such women are a minority in the tribe (thankfully).

        They consider themselves unassailable. So if any man touches them inappropriately, they’ll castrate him in front of everyone. (Not that any man in his right mind would even dare).

        You know you’re dealing with a normal girl when she only yells at you, and quickly flees from your embrace. She wouldn’t be bitching about the inappropriate touch for days. That’s because she’s quite used to being molested, and has learned to accept it. Men will be men after all.

        Not with the stone-faced Alpha women. You touch them, you’re going to jail. Even though she might have enjoyed it that moment, she’ll make sure you’re toast.

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