Alt Left: It Was 70 Years Ago, or It Was Yesterday

Too bad there’s no translation.

People who are unapologetically completely critical of this Revolution have a lot to answer for. Why was it so popular? What did they propose instead? Do they realize that China had a life expectancy of 32 years in 1949? Do they realize that famines had rampaged through the countryside for decades if not centuries at this time? Do they realize that almost all of China was still in a semi-feudal if not fully feudal society in 1949?

Do they realize that India and China had the exact same level of development in 1949? Do they realize that the Nationalists had never done one damned decent thing for the vast majority of the Chinese people? Do they realize that the leaders of the past century had done nothing but sell out China to exploiting foreigners, resulting in the century of humiliation?

Do they realize that most Chinese people were peasants, not knowing where their next meal was coming from, having no shoes on their feet, working for a feudal landlord who stole from them, raped their wives, beat them up anytime he wanted with no recourse under law and held the power of life and death over them at all times?

Do they realize that after the Chinese Revolution, China grew faster than at any time in its history? Do they realize that China now has less poverty than it has ever had? Do they realize that Chinese people now have medical care and education for the first time ever? Do they realize that all Chinese have a home or a farm or a job for the first time in history?

A colleague of mine is a Sinologist. Since I am so controversial, I cannot tell you his name. He has an article about he and his wife climbing a famous mountain in Southern China. His wife can’t understand most of the dialects they hear and she comes from that region. Turns out that these are dialects from right around the mountain, of which she knows nothing. And they say there is but one Chinese language!

On the way down, they see an old man trudging up the mountainside with another man on his shoulders. My friend writes, “The Old China seems to be coming back…”

You see, this was the old China, the China of centuries of millennia. An old poor man being hired to carry a rich man on his shoulders up a mountain. This is the China of a century ago or of a millennia ago. The Revolution had overwhelming mass support. No one wanted the Nationalist warlords, the party of the Rich. Everyone wanted the Communists, the party of the Poor.

The haters of Communist China still need to respond: What would they have done differently? What did they propose in the alternative? As usual, their answer is nothing.

The CCP has mass popular support. 87% support the party, and those polls are good. There is plenty of dissent in China. There are 1,000 protests every single day in China. Sound like any dictatorship you ever heard of? China’s a lot more complicated than that.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: It Was 70 Years Ago, or It Was Yesterday”

  1. I support China, Pakistan, Iran and Russia. These countries get a bad rap but each one is a better place for human compared to the Cunt’s republic of Bharat.

    Stop believing the lies peddled by US media. They are the worst.

  2. Nobody can deny that China before the revolution was a very undeveloped country and that the Chinese communists did a lot of good, but the CCP made 2 huge mistakes: The Great Leap Forward, which looks more like a great leap backward, and the Cultural Revolution, which plunged the country into chaos and ruined a lot of lives.

  3. Landlords and ruling elitists – use the IQ thing to justify the oppression – but, unfortunately, they’re often right. Well, they may not have noticed it was IQ – but the could get the drift that the peasants were dumb. But liberals would say it was due to the oppressive environment – which included no education, inferior nutrition etc..

    1. I am not sure if they explicitly thought the peasants were stupid or not. I have never understood how feudalists justify their garbage.

    2. This comment is for Jason. Hey Jason, could you please get a cellphone or a landline. I am letting everyone know here that Jason doesn’t have a phone to contact him with. Jason, everyone has a phone nowadays.

      And he often does not respond to my emails either.

      There are so many things I need to do with this site, but I have to contact Jason to do them and he’s never around.

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