Alt Left: The Muslim World Is for the Most Part Virtually Socialist

Semi-feudalism was eliminated in the (Arab) Muslim world at least 60-70 years ago; granted it existed prior.

It was fairly easy to take out semi-feudalism in the Arab World because it is very hard to justify such a system under Islam. The semi-feudalists had used distorted readings of the Koran to justify their oppression. For instance the fact that Mohammad said that some are rich and some are poor and this is a normal thing was given as an excuse for semi-feudalism.

Most Muslims knew intuitively that this excuse didn’t fly well in an Islamic sense, so the new Arab nationalist (mostly socialist) regimes found it easy to dismantle semi-feudalism.

I know that Palestine was semi-feudal in the 1930’s, and Iraq and Egypt were in the 1940’s. Massive land reforms in the 50’s Egypt and Iraq took out semi-feudalism. But it lingered elsewhere. In  the early 60’s, your average peasant in Yemen had a picture of Nasser on his wall. Nasser was seen as a great hero of the Arab working and peasant classes.

When the Arab nationalist and socialist Ba’ath Party came into power in  Syria and Iraq, one of the first things they did was a land reform. It was easy to do as the semi-feudal system was hard to justify Islamically, and a more equitable or socialist economics was very easy to sell in an Islamic sense.

This is because if you read the Koran, you can see the Mohammad, for all his flaws, was basically a socialist. This is why even hardline Islamist organizations like Hamas are virtually socialist. When the PLO ran Gaza, Hamas ran the social services that should have been but were not run by the state. Now that Hamas is in power, they have a huge social safety net.

Semi-feudalism will be seen as very un-Islamic nowadays, except in the case of Pakistan, where a huge substrate of Indian and Hindu culture virtually neuters whatever socialist advantages Islam may bring.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Muslim World Is for the Most Part Virtually Socialist”

  1. Muslim countries are not a good place for money-lenders. I mean you are prohibited from charging interests. This is why they are hated so much by the small Wall Street cabal that controls global financial interests.

    But those are the fine points of living in a Muslim country. You will almost never be overcharged for anything. But, on the flip side, there isn’t much money to make either. Extremely capitalist countries like the US and India offer more opportunities to make money. You gotta make more money to be able to live the high life and pay the high interest rates. It’s a fucked up system but we have grown used to it so much that it’s unthinkable for us to look beyond a materialistic world.

  2. The supposed idea that they’re less greedy – doesn’t make first cousin dating less a problem. Also, looking at stats – I don’t see a move away from traditional Islam.

    Anyway, even from the socialist perspective that welfare is acceptable – the bottom line is that “first cousin marriage – and then welfare to subsidize the after-effects” don’t cut it – and that whole situation is going on in Europe (inbred offspring using up social services like Special Ed.)

    1. It isn’t all that bad. First cousin marriage or not, the Arabic and Persian types produce some of the perfect knockout girls. And they come with absolutely no baggage, none of that Western feminism bullshit. You only need to figure out a way to find them alone somewhere.

      Just make sure there’s no males around, but half of them are pimps anyway, so you can ignore their presence and get down straight to business. The Hijabi types are incredibly turned on at the very idea of being sexually penetrated by infidel men. Once you get past the basic civility, these Muslim goddesses are ready and willing to be fucked like crazy.

      The best part is they have none of that guilt or shame – yes, they won’t hold hands in public. But as soon as you’re alone in a room with her, she’ll take off all her clothes. And then you can fuck the living daylights out of their Jihadi pussies. They expect everything: deep throat, anal, golden shower (I’m not a fan of that perversion). There’s almost no limit.

      Maybe I have acquired an out of control hejabi fetish but hey, it’s somewhat similar to “once you go Black…”

      So, get your oriental hashish from a dealer and go to a shisha joint or even near a mosque. It’s that easy. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was with the Koranic women.


        I find it interesting Blacks are called Arabs in Turkey. I wonder how widespread very dark Arabs were. Dark Arabs must have gone far north, and the initial Arabs from Arabia were likely darker in the past. I read Arabs used to consider Whites “Reds.”

        Levantines and other North Arabs are lighter. They likely got Whiter from Iranian and European admixture. Iranians are the most wholly respectable politically and Aryan in the Middle East. North Arabs are more of a mix bag politically and racially. Yemen also had much multiculturalism. All groups have some very attractive women though. I like seeing their headdresses removed. I favor Iranian exceptionalism over Islamic backwardness.

        While the Iranian brand of Islam seems more sane than the Arabians, I can’t help but feel the pinnacle of Iran culturally was Zoroastrian. Even Iran in the 70s looked better. Perhaps favoring secularism and progressivism in the Middle East is a more realistic goal.

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