Health Fags

Ok., another made-up term like amoralfags – but it will do.  Maybe it’s already in use?

I understand smoking is bad; using lard to cook eggs is bad, but seriously, when does the health policing stop?

Also, does the extra effort in health really help? I mean, someone who doesn’t smoke, exercises vigorously – many times a week – how could they possibly be doing wrong? They need to do more?   But what about genetics or other stuff that can’t be controlled? Do they really think a health-obsessed life will turn away the Grim Reaper?

The worst part of healthfags – and you’re not one  unless you do this – is the constant preaching, the obnoxious preaching.  They’re always putting guilt trips on people to improve their health!


They can be one variety of healthfag – along with being gymfags. I mean, what’s with the annoying outfit and attitude? Sheesh.

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