Moral Fags

Well, on the other end there are the amoralfags. The most pure case would be on Stormfront, The Daily Stormer, etc… while lesser varieties include the rightwing Facebook comedian meme posters.

Comparing the Two

While moralfags are obnoxious, the opposite are obnoxious and also vile. In fact, you could argue at least moral fags are operating from a good heart, though mislead.

But the amoral creeps are just flat-out sadists who bully people – the disabled, mixed raced people, other races, liberals, homosexuals, effeminate men – anyone different. So you decide who’s better, and I don’t buy the lie that Strormfronting is “boys being boys”.  That’s what they want to people to think.  In fact, when confronted with the fact that their opinions are monstrous, they just say you’re being “Politically Correct”.  Hmm..

Who’s the Victim?

Well, the anti-PC crowd claims White people are the real victims, but seriously, when you’re dealing with hardcore amoralfags, are they really the victims? Come on. Anyway, plenty of masculine White guys who practice “boys will be boys” behavior are not White Supremacists.

The Term Amoralfags?

I made it up as far as I know – LOL.

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