Alt Left: Temporary Ban from Facebook for This Completely Non-racist Paragraph

Israel: Just Pack Up and Go

Garren Seifert: Not dumb. Hateful, yes. I don’t care about Jews other than the ones infesting Palestine. Jews belong in the Diaspora, sorry. This whole Zionist project has been a terrible and tragic mess.

Hey Israelis! You can’t get along with even one country in that whole region! Hell. Just pack up and go, Israelis. Take off. Leave. Everyone hates you. No one likes you. You hate all your neighbors and wage war on all of them, and they all hate you. You are the problem.

Some Jew on Faceberg reported me for this. I got a three-day ban for hate speech. I guess “Israeli” is a race or ethnicity. Who knew?

Of course the Jews and a lot of their Gentile fellow travelers have been trying to say that anti-Zionism is a form of Jew hatred forever now. It often is but it doesn’t have to be. You can despise the Israeli state but leave the Diaspora Jews out of it.

What did the Diaspora Jews every do to you, Palestinians? Did they steal your land and water and leave you shelterless in your very own homeland? No? Did they hurt and kill you? No? They didn’t hurt you themselves. Other people did. So why not leave them out of it?

Now I don’t like Israel-firsters in the Diaspora too much either, but if you hate them, you have to hate the tens of millions of Gentiles propping up  the whole eroding Zionist castle in the sand by the sea. I hate too many humans as it is. No need to hate 60 million new ones.

I do hate this loudmouth Jew for getting me a ban, of course.

But there are an awful lot of Jews who are not Israel-firsters. If you never mention Israel you might think they were the coolest people in the whole world.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Temporary Ban from Facebook for This Completely Non-racist Paragraph”

  1. I doubt if banning racism from social media will end racism. So what if David Duke has a Facebook page? I mean, they can say their abominable things – but they can always be ignored or faced with a good counter-attack.

    1. Personally I think that open hardcore racists should be fought with more free speech. They should be simply shouted down, as they say.

  2. It takes a lot of negative rep to be even considered for a ban on Fakebook. They’re all about stealing your data, after all.

    It’s like a burglar telling you “Hey, you just made a racist comment. Your neighbors complained to me. Guess what’s gonna happen? I won’t steal from you for the next two weeks. Serves you right! You must modify your behavior now.”

    Now I realize why my comments on YouTube or Twitter never get even a single like or reply. I have tried all combinations: witty one-liners, helpful comments, tributes. I thought it was the current generation but my comments get enough likes on Reddit.

    We both might be on some kind of shitty, algorithmic blacklist by these social media giants. Maybe because we don’t use Orwellian “newsspeak” relevant for today’s age.

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