Moral Fags

Sonny Landreth, “Taylor’s Rock”

Now if any of you out here hate Black people, well, whatever. That’s for you and Black folks to sort out. It’s not my problem. I’m not here to be a moralfag. I’m not your Mom, your pastor, or the Thought Police. That’s a moral question, between you and your God if you still even have one.

If it’s one thing guys (and chicks also) hate – especially college guys – is moral fags.  They will usually pick on one – especially with the term “cocksucker”.  Well, I’ve been there!  Well, I am a person – unless living in religious humility – will speak their mind.  But, especially in the south – and in school or on social media – they don’t want to hear it!!   But why don’t they want to hear it? They might provide some knee jerk remark and say it sucks – but that’ s just another “projection thing” going on – like cocksucker – cause deep they know their conscience bothers them.

Anyway, at first stay at college, I was quiet cause I was into religion then and I had quite a bit overflow from my high school popularity thing going.  But truly, deep down – I was a moral fag. I have never agreed with the oppression of blacks, gays etc..

Now, the 2nd round has thrown all sort of hate at me – an unbelievable amount – simply because – even though I might sound obnoxious – I’m simply answering obnoxious right-wing fuck-tards on Facebook.  But you can’t do that in Tennessee!

Another one of these situations on a mini-scale happened in South Korea.  This expat drunk sort of guy I hung around with picked on me – cause I defended black people once.  So he started calling me a “retarded cocksucker”, a Jew – and suggested blacks were awesome – you should own one!  Wow!  What kind of people are they hiring for teachers?  Well, definitely this Jim Morrison style drunk wasn’t a model teacher for sure!

Another Thought – The South

Oh, always, some preachy mother-chickens down here – but not about social justice.  Noooo, you can’t say that!   But sure enough, wall to wall memes about religion and family values – from probably gigantic hypocrites.

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