Alt Left: It’s Hard to Believe We Have Gotten More Repressed and Anti-Sex in the Last 40 Years

Jason: Just a Theory

In the old days, if a guy was too horny around women that he didn’t know were single, it could be dangerous BECAUSE you didn’t know if she had a husband or boyfriend.

Exactly. Back in the day if you were coming onto some guy’s wife or girlfriend, that guy might give first give you some dirty looks. Then if that didn’t work, he would have an word or two with you. Then if that didn’t work, you’re going to get a punch in the face.

And not only that but after you get hit, no one will call the cops. If you tried to press charges, the cops would laugh and say we don’t make arrests on this bullshit. Your job, career, and life didn’t get ruined because it was more or less normal for men to go after other’s men’s women. No one cared.

I should  rephrase that. People did care. They just didn’t care enough to make a big fuss over it and ruin some guy’s job, career and life, for the most part because this was often considered private behavior that other people had no business butting into.

If the woman he was chasing was happily married, it was not a very nice thing to do. You might get some frowns and a few harsh words. Chasing other men’s women was often regarded as SOB behavior at worst and dangerous behavior on the man’s part at best.

If you had an office job, and it went around that one of the guys in the office chased other men’s women, everyone would laugh, and a couple of the women would probably ask him for his number. Mostly people would say, “Why is this important? We don’t care what people do in bed. It’s none of our business!” Some might say, “Mind your own business, dammit!”

This was back around 1975-1985, you know, back in the days of Sexual Liberation and the Sexual Revolution? Back before the feminists and femiservatives tried to stop straight men from having sex?

I can’t believe how repressed and anti-sex we have become. I place most of the blame on Sex-Negative Feminism. Of course we are only repressed and anti-sex when it comes to straight men, who society is trying to stop from getting laid for some insane reason. Straight women, gays, and lesbians get to do whatever the Hell they want. The only sexual harassers, sexual assaulters, and rapists are straight men, I guess because we’re just plain evil or something.

At any rate, thanks a lot, feminists! Thanks for nothing!

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One thought on “Alt Left: It’s Hard to Believe We Have Gotten More Repressed and Anti-Sex in the Last 40 Years”

  1. This won’t last. The odds of straight men maintaining their expected roles as the caretakers of women while women run around robbing men blind through bogus lopsided divorce settlements, sucking up 2/3rds of all medical care spending in the US, and conserving all sex and romantic affection for the top 20th percentile of men are absolutely abysmal. There is no way in hell men are going to keep fixing roads, welding pipelines, and fighting in crappy foreign wars while women run around bitching about everything under the sun while not putting out.

    Look at the labor participation rates for young men ages 18-34. They’re plummeting.

    And there are already cracks forming in the overarching feminist narrative that helps maintain this shitty gynocentric society. The backlash against the MeToo “movement”, the explosive growth of both MGTOW and Red Pill philosophy both online and IRL, men’s increasing unwillingness to commit to women, the decline of feminist attitudes amongst men, the breakout of mens issues into the realm of public discourse on gender issues, ect.

    I’d also wager that misogony has actually increased since third wave feminism took over, and that women were more loved and appreciated in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and even the 90s, because they were generally more controlled, and consequently more likeable, than they are today. Look at how men are treating women online vs how they treated them in the early 2000s. Women used to be welcomed in traditional male spaces like competitive gaming spaces and tablestop gaming sessions. Now they’re just barely tolerated.

    You should also see how much hate pussy whipped men and white knights get from other men (even on Reddit, which has turned into a SJW-infested normie den over the years). Nobody likes these guys, but the feminist men get it the worst. They are loved by no one, least of all by real women and men with actual spines.

    And I even see evidence of the narrative breakdown in real life and I in fact aid in its degradation.

    When I share statistics on domestic violence, go over the absolutely bullshit alimony and divorce laws in this country, and highlight inconsistencies in how men and women are treated in society, you can see a moment of clarity in the eyes of the young men that I speak to–a little twinkle of sudden understanding in their gaze. And once the switch flips on and it all makes sense to them, they say, “Yeah, I have noticed that!” or “Wow, that happened to my father!”

    It’s actually beautiful, Robert. Men piss me off and they’re annoying, but if I can help another guy to escape the mental prison that the cultural left has thrown so many young men into, I’ll put up with the occasional meathead.

    I care about women’s agency and their rights, but American civilization’s continuation quite literally hinges on men’s continued access to women. The MeToo stuff and general rape hysteria stuff has got to go for all our sakes.

    Because if the day comes where enough men look up and begin to question why they’re supporting a society that clearly doesn’t value their contributions, we’re in for a load of trouble. At best you get a bunch of apathetic layabouts who don’t give a damn.

    At worst, you get a civil war, rebellion, or an era of ultra violence.

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