Hindutvas, White Nationalists and Trump Supporters: Some Similarities

The White nationalists are obviously out and out fascists and it is not an exaggeration to say that the Hindutvas are too. The Trump supporters are not so much fascist as they are Muslim haters. Anyway there are some similarities among the three.

SHI: I think there are fundamental differences between USA right-wingers and the Hindutvadi morons. Completely apples and oranges.

While the former is mostly about anti-immigration and against big corporations, the latter are plain and simple crazy bigots and 100% mini-fascists, with Islamophobia being their only agenda. That’s what I find very distressing. The level of hate they have for Muslim persons and Pakistanis is insane. Ironically, many of them don’t mind Hindu Indians working in the Middle East because they send remittance money home.

Since 2007-08, India was in news for Hitler-themed coffee shops and Mein Kampf selling like hotcakes. I thought it was just a sick joke, and the people are just stupid, but the worst nightmare became a reality. It’s like suddenly I woke up one day to Nazi-era Germany.

The real Nazis might be laughing at these brown-skinned posers but there is REAL CAMARADERIE between the neo-Nazis of Europe and America and the Hindutvadi Nazis. There are blogs like Bare Naked Islam and in Breitbart itself where you will find the two ideologies pump each other up.

With American White Nazis, I suppose there is still a way to reason with them. I mean they just describe themselves as race realists, which would have been just fine.

But, then you go to Breitbart, you have the other loonies to deal with: climate change deniers, Holocaust deniers, anarchists, female psychopaths, potential mass shooters, and of course, the honest two-bit racists.

I joined Breitbart for a while. I don’t think this crowd does you any favors.


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12 thoughts on “Hindutvas, White Nationalists and Trump Supporters: Some Similarities”

  1. I think the Hindutvadi trolls are a lot worse.

    They suffer no difference in opinions. At least the White Nationalists allow you to convey your point of view and to disagree with them politely. I remember some of the Stormfront posters used to give reputation points to “antis” if the opposing views were expressed in correct English without any grammatical mistakes. I defended interracial relationships, non-white immigration to European countries, and many other ideas they were opposed to.

    The only reason I left Stormfront was because it turned into a den of depressive people. A few friends I made left that site because they had outgrown their xenophobic beliefs, which is something you can respect. Many were substance users or just broken in some way.

    I will obviously never return to that site again, but during the time I spent there, I learned a lot about these issues which I was unaware of previously. It has served me well all these years, and it’s important to know the mindset of those opposing you.

    Compare that to the Hindutvadi posters, and there is a world of difference. The Indian trolls have taken over large sub-sections of Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. They also post on sites like Bharat-Rakshak.com. They are all REACTIONARY and have zero tolerance for opposing views.

    1 – If you say anything against Indian occupation of Kashmir, they will abuse you with the most pathetic expletives. And if you happen to be an Indian, you will be labeled “anti-national” or “traitor” before you can even react. End of argument.

    2- They believe in UNFAIR PLAY. They will disproportionately use Twitter, Facebook, and Quora “downvote features” to lower the credibility of your posts. The actual content doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter. If you’re being very polite, it doesn’t matter. I believe no other nationality, not even the Pakistanis, bring you down to the gutter level. Indian trolls haven’t heard the concept of disagreeing politely and to move on.

    3 – Indian trolls hound celebrities on Twitter. All of them were able to temporarily bring down the ratings of Snapchat on Google Play after a perceived anti-India post. They regularly troll the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and his cabinet. They use their combined strength to ban Pakistani posters on Twitter.

    4 – Indian trolls are like wild animals. They issue murder and rape threats, and easily get away with it. They will threaten to kill your family and rape your daughter, and Twitter allows them to do it. Why? Because India is now their biggest market.

    5 – Indian trolls spread a lot of fake news online. They will practically invent incidents out of thin air, develop a meme with pictures, and make it go viral.

    Hindutvadi trolls give meaning to the adage that “India is a MOB masquerading as a country”. If something isn’t done about these sons of anarchy, the Internet in future will become an unbreathable space.

  2. There is some historical precedence for Nazi/Hindu cooperation. Nazi Germany had a military unit composed of East Indians called The Indische Legion that fought with Germany in hopes of ending British Colonial rule in India. Hitler also considered Indians to be Aryan/Nordic surprisingly.

    Wiki entry here:


      1. It’s me. I got the name “The One Above All” from a comic character. They recently introduced an analogous/opposite character called “The One Below All”. It felt more appropriate, so I decided to adopt it.

          1. Nope, that’s not me. I live on the other coast. I posted some stuff on punk/hardcore and I hate PC crap.

          2. Ah ok. Don’t remember you precisely. I do remember the name though. 🙂 WB! How did you find me?

  3. The upper-classes protecting their status is all that matters. It’s not odd to see – like on the Oliver Stone movie Salvador – Latin American browns goosestepping and fed anti-Semitic brainwashing.

  4. As a foreign-born Indian, India is surely a shitty place filled with perverts and low IQ morons. Regarding Hindutva trolls, well, they’re everywhere on the Internet singing praises to the all great India, a country still in poverty and with no toilets.

    1. Hah hah, glad to find another Indian that a low opinion of his fellow desis. If there’s enough of us, we could probably carve out our own country. I hate to be identified with that shithole what remains.

      It will be great if beautiful Goa goes back to Portuguese rule. I think India’s 1961 annexation of Goa is still considered illegal.

      I envy the Pakistanis, they got their own country back in 1947. They don’t have to put up with this shit circus.

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