“No Work is Good Enough,” by Jason

A certain type of prick will nag on you all the time, always claiming your work isn’t good enough. First, they might say you don’t work. Second, if you can show you work, they’ll say the work isn’t manly enough. “Oh, do you work in the hot sun all day?.”

Where is this coming from but from the new Libertarian philosophy where “the needy” are bullied as drains on society and lazy?


The only way to satisfy these people full of vainglory is to totally submit to their arrogant asses. Tell them they’re completely right and that they’re your lord and master.


Under Trump – indeed the economy has many jobs. Everywhere you see they are hiring. Maybe it’s only low-paying pizza delivery jobs, but it’s certainly a place where someone can survive, so are there bums that simply are too lazy, prissy, or something to work?

The Thief Accusation

Yep, everyone’s a thief except my elite buddies playing golf!

Among these American Dream-types is the sport of calling people thieves along with lazy, wusses, or whatever they come with. One popular target is the guy who does barter work. In other words, there isn’t any set wage, so in that case, it’s very easy to say the dude’s some motherfucker who isn’t earning his/her keep.

Another Type – The Starving Artist/Business Entrepreneur

This guy gets praise after they’ve accomplished the mission but torn apart with “Have you made any money yet?” until that point. It takes capital to get a biz going, but you’d have to work at a minimum wage job to get that, yet on disability you can’t work…

Another Thing

What is not understood by the bullies here? It’s easy for types with good jobs with a wage coming in to talk about working considering they aren’t making money as salespersons, a situation where the next paycheck is uncertain unless you’ve beaten statistics.

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