Asexuality – The Causes of

I’m no expert on it, but it seems to only come from the side-effects of medication.  I really don’t think it could exist any other way.  Oh, and the medication – the anti-psychotics or estrogen injections (Michael Jackson in the 70s) will lower or eliminate the sex drive.

Anyone on an idea on what causes asexuality?

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One thought on “Asexuality – The Causes of”

  1. It is apparently inborn and either genetic or a developmental disorder. Effects 1% of the population. It’s incurable. They like being that way. What you are describing are not real asexuals. Those people you discuss had a sex drive, but it went away for some reason – a drug, apparently. Well guess what? Your sex drive can go away with aging too. Menopause is notorious for this. I have seen complete 180’s – utter whore to non conversions – just like that, and the only factor was menopause.

    By the way, older men tend to lose a lot of interest in sex too. I still have interest but I am also totally apathetic about it and hardly feel like chasing women anymore. They’re too much of a hassle and it’s too time-consuming and my drive is just not strong enough to do all that hard work.

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