Apologies for Nagasaki/Hiroshima?

Well, I can see what they’re saying – but a lot of people would view the USA as the same.  It seems to be an “eye of the beholder” situation.  Also, come on – can we seriously say the British/French didn’t also conquer much of the world and also practice barbarism toward – who they saw as inferior (African slave trade etc..)?


Today, we think of the Japanese as polite people who are good at making electronics, cars and monster movies, but during WWII they were just as fanatical and evil as ISIS or Al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, they also had the military, intelligence and organization to inflict their evil on a much wider swath of the planet. They needed to be stopped by any means necessary, that’s exactly what we did and the world, INCLUDING JAPAN, is a much better place for it.

Japan was allied with the Nazis in a war of world conquest that would have exterminated freedom and democracy across the globe if they were successful. The Japanese deliberately starved and slaughtered millions of civilians, they raped children and pregnant women, they forced families to have sex with each other for the fun of it, they tortured and experimented on prisoners of war — and then there was Pearl Harbor.

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