Alt Left: Why the Alt Left Exists

This is why there even is such a thing as the Alt Left, in case you were wondering. Because in a sense we are opposed to all the nonsense and weirdness you see in this photo.

Granted there have always been people who were strange in terms of sexual gender, orientation, proclivity, or other ways. There have always been all sorts of sexual deviants and sexual perverts. Humans are very weird sexually, so it’s to be expected that there are going to be a lot of people who are sexually weird, perverted, or deviant.

I’m not opposed to that. I’m a bit of a pervert myself as a matter of fact. If there are a thousand perversions, I’d probably try 999 of them just to be an asshole and give the finger to everyone on Earth, especially uptight Puritanical society (feminists, I’m looking at you!).

But I wouldn’t get hooked on any of them because I am not a sex pervert. But a lot of people are. They get wired up that way in childhood and adolescence, and in general it’s not fixable. In most cases, perversions are no big deal.

There have always been non-heteroseuxals, small numbers of effeminate homosexual men and masculine lesbian women. It’s not normal but most can’t help it, and they probably got wired up that way. It’s ok for ~3

But most importantly, homosexuality is not normal. Effeminate men who only want sex with men and disdain sex with women are strange. It’s not normal. Men are supposed to be masculine and desire to have sex with women while disdaining sex for their own kind. Women are supposed to be feminine and want sex with men and disdain exclusive or predominant sex with women.

I’m not against women being bisexual. I talk to bisexual women all the time, and I’ve even dated a couple. I just think they should like cock too and preferably prefer cock to pussy. Because once you start getting large numbers of women who prefer other women to men sexually, Houston, you’ve got a problem.

There have always been odd men who dressed up like women. Mostly they were homosexuals. They have always been strange perverted men who dress up like women as a sex perversion. But they mostly kept it to themselves.

There have always been butch lesbians who look and act very much like men.

But in general, none of these folks ever insisted that they were the opposite sex. It’s ok for men to be feminine or even effeminate. They’re still men for God’s sake. I don’t want it to become common, but there have always been these men. It’s ok for women to be masculine to very masculine. Of course they’re still women, anyone knows that.

Transsexualism is bizarre. Mostly there are no such thing as transsexuals. They’re all just mentally ill. Now I’d be the last one to want to discriminate against the mentally ill. I work with crazy people all the time. I’m even a bit nuts myself. 50

We all have symptoms of mental illness at one time or another. Few of us will make it to the end without breaking mentally in one way or another, typically a mood disorder like Depression or some Anxiety Disorder. If you can make it to old age before you have your first breakdown, I’d say you are doing well.

That’s ok, but people should try to get as sane as they can. In spite of that, a lot of people are mentally disordered in some way or other even with the pills and therapy and whatnot. It’s ok if you can control your symptoms and try to behave as normal and non-disordered as possible.

I’m against discriminating against people with mental disorders. Most can work at jobs just fine. I’m against people harming people with mental disorders in any way. I’d have to support harming myself for Chrissake.

The Left in general was or should have been in favor of full rights for all these folks, the non-heterosexuals, the effeminate men and masculine women, and all of the sexually perverted as long as they don’t hurt others.

But in the past most of this was under wraps. Sure the guy next to you at the office seemed totally normal until one day you found out from his wife what he was really like in bed. He was weird as Hell. In the past, you said, “I don’t want to hear about it,” and moved on. Everyone else said the same thing. What happened in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

But now the weirdos, the freaks, the strange, the odd, the bizarre, the mentally ill, the perverted, and the sexually deviant are parading their oddness for all to see instead of keeping it behind closed doors or in their damned bedroom where it belongs.

The Left has become the champion of all of this bizarreness and abnormality to the point where it seems like they have declared war on the normal, the non-deviant, and the non-disordered. We are all supposed to be strange in some sexual or gender way now. It’s almost bad or uncool to be normal. Tens of millions of people are under vast pressure to quit acting normal and start acting weird and deviant.

Further, there’s nothing remaining of the Left. The Left stands for the Cultural Left Freakshow of oddness, weirdness, strangeness, craziness, deviancy, perversion and all manner of oddity against people who simply behave normally because normal is uncool now. And it doesn’t really stand for anything else. This is the Modern Left. That’s all there is. There’s nothing else. It’s nothing but a carnival freakshow.

Furthermore, why must the Left champion these odd folks with the wink that in order to be hip, we all need to act this way?

Who cares about these odd people? Why are they so damned important? Why are they more important, than you, me and all the rest of the regular folks? Yes, they deserve full rights, of course they do, especially if they keep their blatant oddness, like men wearing women’s clothes, behind closed doors where it belongs.

Of course non-heterosexuals deserve full rights, but why the obsession with 2

Why don’t we talk about straight people? About masculine men and feminine women? About women who love men and men who love women? About people who don’t wear their sexual perversions on their labels with a button?

Is this the most important project of the Left? Champion the odd and unusual and disdaining the normal and typical? Do we need to talk about all this strangeness all the time?

Can we stop disdaining regular non-deviant folks for a minute? Can we maybe say it’s ok to be normal, to be a regular guy or a regular girl, to be a manly man or a girly girl?

Can we stop showering hate on masculinity except in the case of lesbians? Can we quit screaming at men to stop being masculine?

Can we please stop shaming and condemning women who desire to be feminine (talking to you, feminists), which is after all the normal and natural way for all human females? Can we stop praising women and girls who dress and act exactly like boys and men as the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Can we quit acting so Goddamned weird and maybe act normal for a change instead?

This is why there is an Alt Left, in case you were wondering. A lot of us have had it up to here with the celebration of weirdness, deviancy, perversion and mental illness on the Left. A lot of us think it’s ok to be regular guys and regular girls. A lot of us don’t understand why the Left can be the same way.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why the Alt Left Exists”

  1. Quite a number of slightly effeminate males and slightly masculine females exist. However, only a minority I think have gone over the edge.

    But it’s no big deal. That’s just how normal people are – and I don’t support picking on slightly effeminate males and slightly masculine females.

    1. I am fine with this. These men are not really effeminate and these women are not really masculine. These men are just not macho or hypermasculine and the women are just not super feminine. If you study these men closely, you can see a sort of a “soft masculinity” about them. And most of these women have a sort of “hard femininity” if you will. Anyway, such folks are simply normal, though the men get a lot of shit.

  2. I don’t know which side of the political spectrum I am supposed to be anymore.

    I feel more disgusted by right-wing views than in the past when I didn’t care. I was even a member of obnoxious sites such as Stormfront but I never thought these views would one day become so mainstream.

    I cannot support the radical left in their agenda of feminizing the society. What they really want is a nanny state along the lines of Sweden, Finland and Norway. You go to jail for hiring prostitutes, every sexual advance by a man is seen as a rape threat and talent gives way to mediocrity.

    Those Scandinavian hellholes are like an Instagram universe where if your posts don’t receive enough likes, then you’re automatically a social reject. I deleted my Facebook account. I find the idea of seeking validation for every comment as a complete waste of time.

    Coming back to the right-wing, there is no way I can reconcile my differences with these assholes. I am tired of dealing with Narendra Modi supporters the most obnoxious creatures on earth.

    Modi’s more insufferable than Trump. At least Trump is not imprisoning an entire state of 8 million people, endorsing a rape culture or crushing independent media. Also, Trump is not a dictator. Even if he wins a second term (chances are very slim), Americans don’t have to suffer him beyond 2024.

    In contrast to Trump’s America, the Nazi Hindutvadis have completely taken over every single institution in India: the armed forces, the police, the corporations, the trade bodies, India’s overseas embassies and consulates. These are the people who are openly in awe of Adolf Hitler yet the Jewish state of Israel is supporting them. Is it how Israel wants to pay tribute to their holocaust victims, by siding with modern-day Nazis.

    Under Donald Trump, Uncle Sam is not only in bed with India’ s Nazi saffronists but holding them up as a shining example of how other countries are supposed to be. Even as I write this post, some child in Kashmir is losing his eyesight because of pellets fired by Indian soldiers. Some Kashmiri girl is being gang-raped and thousands have already disappeared. But, the entire developed world is silent, they are tacitly encouraging this monster Modi.

    The entire Indian media is in awe of a sick Hindutva ideology that has seized the mainstream discourse like a virus. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a liberal voice in India anymore that hasn’t been arrested or murdered. Journalists are disappearing, opposition political leaders are being arrested. India is becoming a deeply Orwellian nightmare where everyone is suspect until proven innocent.

    I shudder to imagine how it’d be for me if I were a Muslim in India today. They are officially second class citizens at the least, and seen are traitors by the majoritarian Hindutva regime. The caste system is back in full glory in India and it’s the sick Brahmins running this shit show. I have officially denounced all allegiance to India’s sick caste system. It does not represent who I am today and deeply ashamed to have been ever identified with it.

    Every single Indian I grew up knowing has become a dyed-in-the-saffron Hindutvadi supporter. I have started hating the color saffron now because it represents their sick ideology. I think these nutjobs were always this way. Some of the Indian women I dated in the past have turned into batshit crazy Hindutva fanatics. I had to completely remove them from my life because I just can’t stand their worship of Modi, the Hindutvadi bastard from hell.

    I am so sick and tired of the right-wing domination of the world that I am seriously considering a conversion to Islam. Not because I find their beliefs any better but because I want to register a strong protest. I want to side with the oppressed people and the Muslims have been suffering the longest.

    1. (speaking as a non-conformist white person)

      A fierce, vile anti-normal attitude still exists – often in areas where they feel threatened by gays, blacks, etc.. This one town was even directing monkey sounds at me – along with racial slurs, not to mention I’ve already documented in my hometown all passive-aggressive racism.

      1. Why would they greet you with “monkey sounds” if you’re a white person?

        Are you like one of those pony-tailed Caucasian Rastas? “This one is a NIGGER for sure.”
        🙂 🤗 🤩 🤔 🤨

        Funny thing I am hated by the Hindutvadi morons more than they do Muslims. Something about me sets a TRIGGER and they react crazily.

        1. Ha ha 😆 I’m just being myself. That’s the price you pay for being yourself. In order to attract less attention, I’d have to look like I naturally don’t look. I consider that an insult to my pride.

          I’ve endured so much persecution for my natural look – so I don’t want to hide it now.

          1. Some things will never change.

            Have you heard of “Bitch Lasagna”? It’s the funniest meme ever. Must Google it heh heh.

        2. I think Jason might have a little bit of Black in him, maybe 10%. It’s pretty common in that area, which is close to the South. I mean Memphis is not that far away. LOTS of White people have levels of Black in them ranging from 5-15%. It’s very common all across this country. Generally you can’t see any of the Black at all in the person. Maybe the hair’s a bit curlier. A lot of Southern Whites have Black blood in them around this level. A LOT.

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