Alt Left: The Crimes of Jeffrey Epstein Will Shudder You to Your Very Bones

Jeffrey Epstein was finally arrested again recently after he got off pretty much scot free from his previous charges, serving only 13 months in a minimum security prison where he was allowed to leave on work release for 12 hours a day. They refiled new charges on him for sex trafficking, as the previous charges were simply for buying a prostitute or pandering prostitution. The girl was only 14 but who cares about that?

She was a little whore like most all of the rest of them. Epstein paid her good cash to jerk him off, and she was so traumatized that just like all the others, she kept coming back scores of times to jerk him off for $300 over and over again. In fact the traumatization was so horrific that she found herself recruiting other teenies to be teen whores just like her for the handjobs and a hand full of hundreds at the end.

I’m sure it must have been so horrible. They were free to leave at any time, but it was so horrific that they just had to come back countless times to be teen whores over and over again.

Oh, poor girls! I’m sure their lives are ruined. All those horrible handjobs for a very handsome and very rich man, and they only got a measly $300 each time! It’s so hard to be a girl! If you feel horny and you want to have sex, you have to get paid hundreds of dollars for it, while us boys get to pay all our own money for sex instead. It’s so much more fun to pay for sex instead of raking in the cash to get laid like a little teenie whore!

This is really all about metoo. When those teen whores besieged his door for the $300 handjobs, Epstein should have been proper and turned the little teen sluts away. Instead he grotesquely harassed, abused, raped, and molested these poor eager willing girls, and to make things even worse and increase the shame and horror, he paid them hundreds of dollars to get laid or perform a harmless meager sex act they were already doing with all the boys their age anyway.

This is sick. When will men ever stop abusing girls and women by paying them to get laid! It’s got to stop. The abuse, the harassment, the endless consensual rapes, the hundreds of dollars all these sluts rake in to get laid and get their rocks off, it’s just so awful.

It makes me ashamed to be a man. To think we treat women this way! How horrible! How awful! No wonder women hate us!

All their money is for them, and all our money is for them, and to make matters worse, they get paid big money for the torturous horror of getting laid! Horrifying! While we men escape the whole horrorshow by giving women all of our money just for existing.

Just think of women were giving us men hundreds of dollars to get laid by hot women. We men would all be screaming metoo!

Metoo! Metoo! Metoo!

Come on, men. Scream it with me. Cry while you do! Cry for our sisters!

These poor women, they can get laid anytime they want, and they even get paid good money for getting fucked. Tragic! The lot of women is a sad one. Nothing but sadness and pain. It’s pain and sorrow all the way, and then they die!

I’m sad! I’m crying! I’m crying for all you girls and women out there! I know! I know! I feel your pain, ladies, I feel your pain. Come let me hold your female heads in my lap while I comfort you for your sorrowful lot in life! And I promise I won’t pay you $300 to let me do it. I’m not that kind of a guy! I’m a good man!

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Crimes of Jeffrey Epstein Will Shudder You to Your Very Bones”

  1. He probably was a rapist. But those girls did keep coming back. This does reek of #METOO.

    Maybe he blackmailed them with some crime like drug use or whatever.

    1. I’m only aware of him raping a couple of them.

      He wasn’t raping the ones who kept coming back over and over. They came back 20-40 to get paid $400 for a handjob that they were already probably giving to boys in their classes anyway.

      LOL he didn’t have to blackmail them at all. LOL $400 a handjob. What high school slut wouldn’t jump at a chance for that?

      I’m sure it was a terrible experience for them! Poor girls! Poor whores! Poor little teenie whores!

    2. I suspect it was the same thing as the Michael Jackson case.

      The parents saw a cash cow and figured Epstein-like Jackson-would arrange a set-for-life out-of-court settlement.

      Just as Jackson did.

      The girls themselves hardly suggested a bloom to lose. The first victims were 14 and out at 1 am high on Ecstasy when they stumbled upon Epstein’s mansion.

      It does say something about the morals of teens these days that the entire 10th grade at a high school started stampeding over to give Epstein happy ending massages for $300.

      It is amusing that 10 years later in their twenties, the women start saying how harrowing it was to return for the 100th time to Epstein’s island.

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