Man Ate Five-Day Old Pasta Salad and Died

There are a bunch of these videos done by a toxicologist. This is the first one I have watched. It’s mostly idiots, fools, naifs, and people making terrible mistakes.

This man ate a pasta salad that had been sitting out for two whole days. He made all of his food on Sunday and then ate it all through the week. That right there is a bad idea. Food left out for more than two hours can spoil. I have lived with morons who routinely left out food out for that long and more and didn’t care. They got mad when I put the food in the fridge. What can I say? People are retards.

Anything sitting out for two days is very bad. Always smell, look closely at, and even touch your food before you eat it. But it’s rude to touch your food! Ridiculous – the fingers touching the food are your own. You aren’t going to give yourself a disease you already have. But on the safe side, wash your hands before eating so you can touch food in confidence. In reality there is likely to be little pathogenic bacteria on your fingers.

Always wash your hands before cooking. Always wash a wooden cutting board after cutting chicken or any raw meat on it.

Always cook your food before you eat it where food needs to be cooked. Meat always needs to be cooked. Raw beef can have E. Coli, raw chicken can have Salmonella, and raw fish can have parasites. Fully 60% of chicken has salmonella. Raw pork can have trichonella which causes Trichinosis, but that mostly been eliminated from our food supply. I am not sure about other foods.

In general it is a bad idea to eat any sort of raw meat. Even sushi can be dangerous. Humans have had fire for 1-2 million years, and we have probably been cooking our food for most of that time.

Raw meat, like most raw foods, takes a long time to digest. You eat a raw steak and you will be digesting it all day. You cook food so you can digest it faster and also cooking food kills pathogens. You heat just about any food on high on a microwave or at a certain temperature on the store (not sure which) for even three minutes, and it will kill just about anything pathogenic in there. If you buy “hot pizza” from a 7-11, always reheat it. I got sick recently eating that stuff.

Bad food almost always smells bad. If it smells bad simply do not eat it.

My family used to have food that had been in the fridge, served it to me, and I said I wouldn’t eat it because it smelled bad. People always got mad because they said it smelled fine, and they were eating it. Go ahead and eat your poisoned food! My Mom got insulted because I implied she served me spoiled food. None of them can smell anyway, and my smell is so good I am almost part dog. Well, full dog if there are women around.

Bad food often looks weird. You can often see the mold right on the bad food. Moldy bread is no big deal. It’s penicillin. It just tastes like crap. When you eat moldy food, the gross taste can stay in your mouth for hours, and it’s hard to get rid of it.

Bad food can feel funny. Spoiled food often has a weird slimy feel to it. Don’t eat slimy spoiled food.

This guy really paid for it eating that spoiled pasta salad. It had Bacillus cerueus, a common cause of food poisoning. Food poisoning usually just gives you nausea, diarrhea, and possibly vomiting. It rarely lasts more than a day. But in some cases it can be much worse as you see in this video!

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5 thoughts on “Man Ate Five-Day Old Pasta Salad and Died”

  1. It’s surprising more people haven’t gotten sick from eating sushi. I guess it doesn’t seem to bother people in Japan, but there’s something about eating raw seafood that tends to set off your common sense alarm.

    1. Basically, it’s inherently dangerous. At the very least, it could very well have worms in it. Like oceanic parasites.

      1. Yes it is none other than Edumund Kemper, after 35 years in prison and probably quite a few more pounds. He’s as scary as ever, almost scarier.

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