Islam – Not Worth the Trouble

@Robert Lindsay has defended Islam, saying it makes Africans law abiding citizens and isn’t materialistic (not like the “American Dream” stuff). However, considering it’s producing low-IQ and/or mentally insane people via inbreeding, it’s simply a major danger to the planet. I mean low IQ and other things not coming from natural selection?  This is preventable – like say by not inbreeding?

Sure Islam is about law and order. You’d need law and order to handle a population maybe 50 percent inbred, sheesh! Now as for Africans, I don’t what cause their low IQ, but adopting Islam is going to make it worse or at the least not improve the situation!

Now, there is some talk about western capitalist exploitation similar to what goes on elsewhere, and that’s terrible of course, but low IQ people are unfortunately ripe for exploitation (slavery,  foreign ownership of land/trade, military invasion), so a future socialist world has to be on-guard (have those fists up) by first of all, not allowing itself to become low IQ as much as possible.

But what about PC and hurt feelings? Many times I can understand, but this is one case where I simply don’t care. In fact, I agree with Bill Maher – there’s nothing good about Islam when you truly think about it, and radicalism isn’t the point (radical vs ordinary). The fact is that normal Muslims practice first-cousin marriage. It won’t go away because the prophet didn’t condemn it.

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2 thoughts on “Islam – Not Worth the Trouble”

  1. I used to be as Islamophobic as it gets. I had a general aversion of Pakistanis, Arabs and other Muslims in the past and thought of them as the “others.” But, I always knew some good ones who I thought were the exceptions.

    As I studied the Qu’ran, and lived among the Muslims, my views have changed a bit. I found that they were just normal people going on about their daily lives. Yes, they have to live their lives according to Shariah which means the five pillars of Islam:

    Tawheed, a belief in monotheism and the rejection of idol worship
    Salat Performing compulsary prayers five times a day
    SawnFasting during Ramadan
    Zakat Donation to charities
    Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lives

    …. the Muslim way of life arouses suspicions among those of us who aren’t very religious. Especially in Western countries, the very fact of observing a Muslim can anger some people.

    But, the truth is, a vast majority of Muslims are going on about their lives peacefully. They don’t cause you any bother if you are a non-Muslim. There is no compulsion in Islam so they can’t enforce their rules for you. I have seen Muslim servers in Indonesian restaurants offer you non-halal dishes such as pork.

    Some of the Muslim-majority countries are SECULAR and DEVELOPED to Western living standards. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Albania. It is not Islam that is the problem but the people and their cultural backgrounds. So, you can find a lot of backwardness among Muslims in South Asia, particularly India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Then there are the exceptions who don’t follow the Islamic tenets much.

    One thing I like about almost ALL Muslims is their honesty in dealings. They generally don’t cheat me out of my money. I am sure there are many bad apples but I think in general, their religion drills in them a fear of the afterlife which causes them not to rob you blind. The Muslims don’t charge you usury on loans as it’s strictly forbidden in Islam.

    As for the low IQ thing, that’s a major drawback of Muslim societies. But, not all Muslims practice first cousin marriage. I have seen many intelligent Muslims, non-believing Muslims, alcohol-drinking Muslims, pork-eating Muslims. Yes, all of these varieties do exist. Muslims are not this giant monolith as everyone thinks.

    Generally, nowadays I am finding Muslims of South Asia to be more agreeable to my sensibilities than the two-tongued deceitful Hindus. Again, not all Hindus are that way but lying and cheating seem to be in the character of modern day Indians.

    There is a reason I am siding with the Muslims on the Kashmir issue. I think their cause for freedom from Indian oppression is just and lawful. It’s been over 50 days since that region has been placed under an indefinite curfew.

    I am not alone in these views. Winston Churchill famously considered the Muslims of Pakhtunkhwa region as honorable people. On the other hand, he had a very poor opinion of cowardly Hindus.

    I am a race traitor, hah hah.

  2. Interesting observation and I kind of agree with it. Muslim-majority African countries tend to be quite safe from serious crime like murder and drug trafficking. A good example would be the Nigerians in Malaysia. Most of those involved in scams and drug trafficking here are the Igbos and Yorubas. While the Muslim Nigerians here – notably the Hausas – seems to be law-abiding people.

    As for cousin marriage, well, that only happens in Muslim countries where dating doesn’t exist and marriages are arranged. That kind of marriage is very rare among Muslims in Southeast Asia. Here in Malaysia it did happen maybe in the early 60s. That said, Islam still has many negative aspects, and it seems it a religion that is resistant to any reform.

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