English as a Genocidal Language Attacking Other Tongues Spoken in the Anglosphere – Ireland and the UK

Yes, English has devastated most of the native languages of the Anglosphere, talking here about Ireland and the UK.

Welsh is still very much alive, spoken by 2

Irish Gaelic is in fairly good shape. It will survive to the end of the century as will Welsh. There are still children being brought up in Irish. Irish is undergoing a renaissance with a lot of literature being published. Keep in mind it is an official language of Ireland. All Irish have to take 12 years of Irish in school but they don’t learn much and you ask them to speak a sentence in Irish 20 years later and they struggle. The way it is taught is quite inferior.

Scots Gaelic is in very bad shape with only 7,000 speakers but there are also second language speakers and I believe it is still spoken as a native language out on the islands. Gaelic is now an official language of Scotland.

Scots, very closely related to English but not English, is much more widely spoken by ~2

Cornish has been revived and there are 1,000 second language speakers. They can’t agree on an orthography and this is the subject of endless fights.

Manx went extinct maybe 50-75 years ago when a famous elderly last speaker died. He must have had no one to talk to. How sad. However, 2,500 people on the  Isle of Man have learned Manx as a second language and are now Manx speakers.  A few of them are even raising  their children in Manx, so we may soon have Manx native speakers again.


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2 thoughts on “English as a Genocidal Language Attacking Other Tongues Spoken in the Anglosphere – Ireland and the UK”

  1. What is the status of the following languages in America? Are there people who don’t speak a word of English?

    Pennsylvania Dutch
    Louisiana French

    1. Pennsylvania Dutch still has 300,000 speakers in the US. There are probably child speakers. It is doing quite well. It is actually two languages with the folks in the east in Pennsylvania not being able to understand the people in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. This language is exactly the same as a form of Rhenish Franconian spoken in Germany along the Rhine. If you go to this city and speak Pennsylvania Dutch to them, they will understand everything you say.

      Louisiana French is at least two languages. One is Continental French, an archaic French from 1800 still spoken by 2,000 people. It is in bad shape.

      Louisiana French Creole is in better shape. There are ~50,000 speakers. They are always saying it is in danger but it seems to have been pretty flat for the last ~20 years. They keep saying it’s going extinct but it keeps sticking around. Most speakers are Black.

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