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51 thoughts on “Sticky: Support Beyond Highbrow”

    1. I know. I am screwing up here. The problem is that for some time now, PayPal only gives me my page in CHINESE. Yeah. CHINESE. I am so pissed about it that I haven’t even called them about it, but I need to do just that. I have no idea how this happened. One day I just went there, and everything was in Chinese, and it’s mostly been that way since then.

      By the way, my best friend Greg, yesterday was my birthday. 🙂

      1. You can fix the Chinese problem by clicking on the 3 dots in the right hand corner and clicking on translate & selecting English on the menu that pops out. Then click on the 3 dots on the right side of that menu and changing the detected language back to English.

        For good measure you can remove the Chinese language package completely from there or if you search for location and languages on the control panel and removing the Chinese language package completely.

        Most likely you went to a site that was Chinese and it automatically installed it and set it as your default detected language.

          1. Glad to hear that, but all I got was a page that said:

            Feed “beyondhighbrow” has been deactivated.

            Did you send to my email shown here and on the PayPal transact? Can you send (or resend) to my email? That’s the best way. I checked and got nothing, including in my junk/spam folder. I will likely donate more as soon as I get in as well. Thanks so much.

  1. Congrats. Speaking of foreign languages, I’ve got my Google stuck on the Afrikaans language somehow. I can’t get it off here. I don’t know where this s–t came from.

    1. Thank you so much! You can also write to me to ask me to write more of certain types of articles. And you may be able to be a guest writer too. That helped me out so much!

      1. Clear Lake City, Texas. It’s a college town. University of Houston-Clear Lake is the main attraction here, so COL is comparatively reasonable (you aren’t going to get a bunch of cash-strapped university students to shell out 1,500 dollars/month for a dilapidated shithole).

    1. Yes you can mail me $20 in an envelope. Take a bill and put it in a piece of white paper. Hold the paper with the bill inside of it up to the light. Start folding the paper until you can’t see the bill anymore. Put it on an envelope and mail it to me. Put whatever you want on the return address. You don’t have to put your real name on there. If you want the envelope coming back if it gets lost, put your real address on there. It won’t make any difference to me as I don’t research people who give me money.

      I have been receiving money this way in amounts up to $50 for years now, and no one has lost a nickel.

      Please email me to get instructions on where to send the money. Email address is on the Contact page.

      Thank you so much!

  2. Sickening that you rant about others making money off this case then do the exact same thing yourself. Disgusting, how do you sleep at night?

    1. I don’t rant about anyone “making money off this case” or “making money” off of any true crime stories, sorry.

  3. Please explain a little about the Delphi sleuth group. It this a bulletin board group, where the posting history and yourself is available to the members? Where the names of Mister X, etc, are given? Once we join the group by using PayPal (the payment is to Oakhurst Technology, right?), are we provided with the web address of the group?

    1. No, it’s not a board unfortunately. I need a webmaster to set up the bulletin board and no one is on board yet. If you know someone who can do that, please let me know. Instead it just looks like a huge webpage with a massive comment section. We can’t figure out any other way to do it yet. Just ask for any questions about the main suspects or it will be stated in the large post at the top of the page. Ask about any questions you have about the case and people will answer you.

      Yes, you get a link to the group (it’s just a webpage). And then you get a password too. You probably ought to email me for the link and your password, but if I see you paid and I see your email address there, I will often send them to you first.

      Are you on Websleuths?

      We’d love to have you on board, especially if you are with Websleuths!

      1. Hi Mr. Lindsay. I donated $20 through paypal a few minutes ago. I have friends that belong to your private Delphi board and they recommend I join. Can you tell me how I should go about that?

        I like your content, been reading you for several years. Thank you for providing good info to adults who can appreciate you for it.

  4. I’m still redacting a LOT of things, that i saved in my draft. Meanwhile, I wanted to say two things:

    Psychopathy seems to be more like a neurodevelopmental disorder than a personality disorder. This is not an “official” concept at. Yet, I find thinking like this as extremely useful because even if you already have an idea of how psychopathy works, if you are around someone with this condition, this is a better way to plan what to do and what not to do.

    This is so because if you think of them as a normal person that happened to suffer an bad life-changing experience or had a bad upbringing, you will think they are salvageable or capable of engaging in normal thoughts and behavior if they wish to, and this is a mistake. Psychopathy affects the wiring of the brain and what they are able (or to be more specific, what they are NOT able) to perceive and process.

    The differences between people with psychopathic brains raised in supportive versus aversive environments are quite significant. Someone with a psychopathic brain raised in a “nice” environment effectively ends up as a sort of “jerkass” but is otherwise often adequate vis a vis his loved ones. I think that the statistics that show that psychopathy is more prevalent in the lower classes are mostly due to the aversive environments making people with psychopathic brains more obvious, visible, and florid in terms of the manifestation of the disorder.

    That’s not to say that more influential people don’t have psychopathy. I think that we should consider that that “influential” people might have forms of antisocial behavior that are more acceptable to or not as easily detected by society. In addition, they can easily slide into work that is approved of by the state like high business in capitalist societies). It’s worth considering that in addition, law enforcement usually targets the working class, while directing less of its attention to the high castes. LE itself is primarily designed after all to protect their upper classes.

    A “nice” psychopath will still have many of the main characteristics of a psychopath, making them pretty unpleasant to live with them at times. The main difference is that their upbringing has not “imprinted” on them the most obvious bad behaviors and most crucially, the more obvious an worse antisocial actions.

    An person with an neurodevelopmental disorder is effectively like an software or operating system that is missing .DLL libraries on startup. It will NOT be able to do certain things, but it might be possible to do certain workaround solutions to accomplish what the system itself cannot do. Autistic people are not an issue. They might have difficulties grasping certain things, but their empathy and conscience “libraries” are perfectly intact.

    They might be a annoying or obnoxious if you don’t know the best way to interact with them. In contrast, psychopath “lack” the structures necessary to be well functioning in a social animal society but not in those that determine success in social environments, reproduction, and general coordination. The abilities that are lacking in autistic people make the world a hell for them. Psychopaths by contrast don’t suffer themselves but create hell for others.

    I just wanted to add something else:

    That’s an interesting Chinese article made in 2018 that talks about how mainstream ideology forms of thought effectively are swapped every 30 years, with nationalism in 1910, fascism in 1930, communism in 1950, nationalism again in 1970 and liberalism in 1990. The paper says that in the near future, it’s pretty likely that the new dominant form of thought will be a hybrid between Western Liberalism and Chinese Confucianism.

    Sadly, I’m seeing that what is resurfacing in Europe, USA, and parts of Latin America is basically fascism. Fascism is already partially reached part of the acceptable political mainstream, and is getting an popular level of support in some places. This is not surprising, fascism is what happens when the elites feel that their interests are under threat and current mechanisms will not be able to sort things out for them. Clearly, the situations that are happening today are pretty critical for the continued dominion of the elites. What are your thoughts about this?

    1. I wish it was Fascism, that at least would have good aesthetics. It’s more like Faggism. Pencil necked bureaucrats and journalist trash conspiring with imperialist scum. No, it’s not fascism. It’s Progressivism. Woodrow Wilson won the war, doofus.

  5. LOL I’m retired. Former jobs were linguist, psychological counselor, anthropologist, schoolteacher, paralegal, author, proofreader, magazine editor, freelance writer, on and on.

      1. Hi! I donated ( hopefully to the right PayPal – Oakhurst Technologies) but can’t find a contact page to email you.

        1. Did you get a response? I was wanting to donate/ join also but I don’t see any responses on here for over a month.

      2. Hey there! I can’t find my password anywhere in my email. Is there anyway you could send it to me again when you have a chance?

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