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I often do this work all day long. It’s what I do. I do have a fixed income source, and there are a few other things I do to make money.

If you value this site and the work I put into it, please consider a donation. Even a small amount would be nice. Donations motivate me to write more, and when they’re not coming in, I don’t want to write so much. So when you donate, you are keeping this great site going.

And you are also contributing to the research that powers this blog. I mean, it’s not just highbrow, it’s Beyond Highbrow. And so are you.

Want to support this site and not send a donation?

Go here.

All proceeds help pay me for this service, and on your end, you can host any free speech material that you want a lot better than with a mainstream host.

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4 thoughts on “Sticky: Support Beyond Highbrow”

    1. I know. I am screwing up here. The problem is that for some time now, PayPal only gives me my page in CHINESE. Yeah. CHINESE. I am so pissed about it that I haven’t even called them about it, but I need to do just that. I have no idea how this happened. One day I just went there, and everything was in Chinese, and it’s mostly been that way since then.

      By the way, my best friend Greg, yesterday was my birthday. 🙂

  1. Congrats. Speaking of foreign languages, I’ve got my Google stuck on the Afrikaans language somehow. I can’t get it off here. I don’t know where this s–t came from.

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