Jews Controlling a (Dumbed Down) Robot Race Thing

Among white supremacists is a fanatical hatred of race-mixing – which they call “miscegenation (a negative term)” – because they think it’s creating a dumbed down race that will be ruled over by Jews – a group whom generally have an IQ matching East Asians and the smartest whites.

Well, any truth to this?  Well, the truth actually is that WNs either have to exterminate those they hate, which is practically impossible – unless they can devise warfare that would specifically target them – practically impossible (Well, AIDS was theorized as one attempt.) – or they have to come to the liberal conclusion that “Love is the better answer.”  Well, the liberal race realist position of this site is that race-mixing is good – as long as blacks are spread out “a black a block” – like in Portugal.

But would the above thing lead to “rule by Jews”?  I don’t think so.  Let’s discuss.

Well, anyway, among white supremacists are already lies about beauty, saying mixed raced people are ugly – simply cause they don’t like race-mixing!  That’s fresh (sarcasm) – and what about all the hurt feelings (of mixed raced people – especially children)?  No, only white people are the victims in their world, of course.

BTW:  AIDS was a failed attempt – because the population of Africa is expected to triple, something like that, in this century – but I wouldn’t doubt AIDS was created by racists – specifically to get rid of blacks/browns.

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