Islamic Populations vs Other Low IQ Groups

Other populations simply don’t practice inbreeding – which gives them hope.  In other words, they can climb out a lower IQ.  But of course, White nationalists claim the slightly higher non-Islamic IQ (not from inbreeding – what you’d see with Latinos, Blacks etc.) – is only creating (among US blacks) simply a population “a little less crime prone” but all the willing to be slaves of Jews.

Hmmmm, well, the problem is that the WN solution – is simply to get rid of blacks/browns – but it isn’t feasible without cold-blooded genocide  (population of Africa expected to triple, no major decline of brown nation populations) – and the attempt of AIDS didn’t work.  It worked for a short while (The idea being that blacks/browns are more sexually promiscuous – so they’d be suckers for the disease.).

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