Game/PUA: Never Call Yourself Handsome or Good-looking, Even If You Are

I refuse to call myself goodlooking because I think that is bragging and I think we cannot be subjective about such things. But if you want to ask me, of course I have thought I was goodlooking for a long time, especially when young. I used to envy that handsome devil in the mirror.

I don’t think any of us can properly judge our looks. A homely person could think they are a 10. A beautiful woman could think they are a 1. How do you know you are goodlooking? Trust me when you get to a certain level of handsomeness, people will be remarking on it all the time. If you are not enough, they will do son in awestruck terms, often shaking their heads or acting like their jaw fell out like they can’t believe how goodlooking you are.

That’s how people used to act around me. So if people are telling you that you are handsome or goodlooking, you are. I have no idea what average to homely men get told. I seriously doubt if homely men get told they are the handsomest men on Earth and I doubt if average looking men do either.

But face it, ~6

If you are goodlooking, always refer to it as “other people say I am goodlooking.” Put it down to other people. That’s not bragging. It’s bragging if you say it yourself and I wouldn’t say that too much if at all. I don’t.

Go ahead and put it on your dating profile though. So what! It’s an advertisement for yourself. You are competing with all the other men. Throw it all out there.

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5 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Never Call Yourself Handsome or Good-looking, Even If You Are”

  1. I am average, hah hah. You’re so right.

    And yes you’re definitely good-looking.

    But, now I must clean my mouth with soap for that homo-like remark!

    1. Don’t you think some people are just naturally homely or ugly and there’s nothing they can do about it? On the other hand a lot of 1-3 women are quite attractive. They’re only 1-3’s because they are landwhales. Also have you seen the photos of porn stars with and without their makeup? Some of those women are average or even homely or unattractive without their makeup. Once they get all made up and whatnot, they’re all sexy as Hell.

      1. No, some dudes are naturally more attractive. They have beautiful sharp features a nice neckline, broad shoulders. The penetrating eyes and jawline. Even as a man, you’re bound to feel attracted towards such a person.

        But I wouldn’t hang out with ANY MAN based on looks alone. That’s what is homo! LOL. We gotta get along well. Always prefer someone intelligent, smart and well-read. He could look like Jabba the Hutt and I won’t care.

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