SJW’s – Causing Desensitizing to Real Evil

It’s like “The Boy Cried Wolf” fable. Basically, in that fable, a boy constantly lies about a wolf coming – probably for a joke – but the joke’s on him when the wolf really comes!

Well, SJW’s do the same with their constant policing of things that don’t matter – supposedly to prevent bigotry from arising to begin with – BUT it doesn’t work.  In fact, it’s also, as the tile says, causing desensitizing to real evil.  In fact, when something truly evil comes along – like a cross burning or other harassment, and indeed I have witnessed this where I lived – nobody will care, cause SJW’s have turned oppression into a joke.

In fact, I even tried to tell my brother  (who comes from a liberal area of the country) something bad was happening and he’s like “Yeah, right Jason. Are you the PC police?” 😆

See what I mean!

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2 thoughts on “SJW’s – Causing Desensitizing to Real Evil”

  1. I just wanted to discuss this topic on a side note. I don’t feel attracted towards blonde girls anymore. Now everyone who hears it says, “WTF, man?”

    What I really mean is that I find them sexually attractive mainly due to the hair. It doesn’t feel like real human hair but a heap of straw.

    Spaniard, Russian and Italian-looking brunettes are awesome. The Latinas, Indian, Pakistani, Arab, Persian chicks all are smoldering hot. Give me anything just not the overrated blonde girls. Their general stinking attitude isn’t helping either. You can’t have a casual conversation with them because they only want to act like sluts. Some truth to the stereotype.

    Am I in rebellion? About to be ostracized for these views in polite company LOL. But fuck, I am done with blonde girls. For good.

    If someone asks me the stupid question about blonde men, here’s the deal their hair color doesn’t absolutely matter. That’s because I am straight and I have some of the best blonde-haired pals including this blogger.

    (p.s. – Nowadays, there are some dudes who like to be surrounded by other handsome dudes. This is SUPER GAY in my opinion.)

    1. No it makes complete sense. Sexual attraction is a very weird thing that often makes no logical sense. But I’m not blonde. I have dark brown hair LOL.

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