Why They Were Slaves

Well, with Blacks their IQ in the past was definitely low mostly due to genetics, which made them a prime target for capitalist exploitation. However, to say they would have been treated with respect by a higher IQ group even without slavery is unlikely. What retarded people in the world now are treated with respect? Don’t know any. In fact, the mentally handicapped often have to live in protected environments simply to keep them from bullies, sexual predators, you name it!

Anyway, Blacks in the New World, weren’t the only slaves in the history of man. In fact, ancient societies had slavery since the dawn the time, and the justification may also have often been: “They’re retarded.”

Also, those societies, being unenlightened, had populations that assumed nobody owed anyone anything at all – not even life – so they were grateful for what they got. To a great many slaves in the New World, it was the same deal, but no matter what time in history, abuse will eventually cause the oppressed to rise up. Was abuse the primary cause of abolitionism? Probably.

Now there is a call to reparations for slaves from what is known as “Cultural Marxism” -a dumb concept where Robert Lindsay and I split ways cause I see a lot of Cultural Marxism as simply being basic human rights/decency. But cultural conservatives have turned it into a “blowhard” slogan.

Equality is a hard sell to people convinced IQ is based on genetics because, honestly, the retarded weren’t treated well then, and they still aren’t. The day we treat the slaves as equals will be the day that Down’s Syndrome people will be voted in mayor – or maybe 8-year olds.

So, at a first reading of Benjamin Tillman or Andrew Johnson among the many White Supremacists in those days, their “asshole” attitudes seem remarkably cruel, but they couldn’t see Blacks as being anything but retarded, grown-up children.

But exploitation is exploitation! If they suddenly enslaved retarded people now – or kids – and beat them with cruel instruments (bullwhips or something), I’d say that would abuse, right? But wait, aren’t Blacks very large? How can we say that when “large children” are difficult to control?  But they had no moral right making them slaves to begin with!

Note: the IQ of Blacks before 1860 had to be 70 or below, probably below, mostly due to genetics (The Sambo thing wasn’t even an act!).  What’s amazing is the Radical Republicans were able to give them the vote after the Civil War in revenge for the war. Also, they were able to put in some mulattoes as governing officials just for more humiliation.

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2 thoughts on “Why They Were Slaves”

  1. There is one group of people who will never be enslaved under any circumstances. It’s the Pushtoons of Afghanistan/Pakistan. They are fiercely independent, generous, kind-hearted, hospitable, all the beautiful traits of mankind shine through these brave people. Death before dishonor is more than an adage for these proud people.

    Afghanistan is considered the graveyard of Empires. The British could not succeed penetrating their landmass. The Russians gave up halfway and now Uncle Sam’s military goons can’t wait to get to ed hell out of that place.

    The Pushtoons are a race that will fight you till the last man, the last bullet and up to their dying breath. Yet in peace time you’ll never find a more friendly people. They open their homes and hearts to you.

    Kurds are another group of people that follow the warrior code of the Pakhtoons.

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