Neo-Confederate “Pet Lie” – Other Thoughts

The Neo-Confederates want to paint the lie that Blacks loved slavery – of course, assuming they were all house slaves, not field slaves (big  comedic lie!).  This is what a new book called “Why the South was Right” seems to be saying this.

But I won’t say that all field slaves or even most of them necessarily had a bad life unless the abuse got out of hand.  In that case, you would have slave rebellions and the seeds of abolitionism.

But what about these freaks now dating Blacks – many I suspect simply want “toy Blacks” (aka. house slaves, Sambos)?  To me, it seems like legalized pedophilia, though not as bad as it would have been had these “oil drillers” (just kidding) lived back in 1840.  But I’m not saying that interracial marriage Black/White is wrong – despite the fact. I’m more open-minded than that, and in fact, interracial mating is what will drive up Black IQ’s!

But seriously, it’s tough having a relationship with a dull person. So it seems to me that women dating Blacks (and also the men dating Blacks, which seems to be way less the case) are just pedophiles – and that’s funny because women aren’t associated generally with pedophilia (or a more appropriate phrase for modern Blacks (with Whites) would be “preteen or young teen with adult sex fantasy”).

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