Amusement Parks Full of Blacks!

Well, full of them (mostly mixed-race) and Mexicans.  Anyway, though, nothing wrong with that.  However, I bet a lot of whites never get close up to these people, in large numbers – except in those places.  In fact, in Tennessee, my home state, a lot of people are so prejudice it makes me wonder if they don’t have a heart attack (even before the roller-coaster) visiting an amusement park!

Anyway, when I visited Dollywood recently, a Tennessee amusement park – it looked like a “colored day” at one of those 50s era segregated parks.

But there’s nothing wrong with that!  In fact, I enjoy other cultures  – but I don’t think a lot of other people do.

O.K., did they lower the prices at amusement parks?  That’s it. All the golf playing whites must be going to the more expensive ones, so that low IQ won’t cause a mass shooting, gang violence, or just getting your wallet taken in line at a ride (This might be sarcasm.).

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